One day after the heavy riots in the Moroccan Soccer Cup, nearly 70 rioters are still in police custody.

This confirmed the authorities in Rabat on request from the French news agency AFP. Around 20 of the specified persons are still minor.

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Originally, the security forces last Sunday after the Randale in the game between the AS Far Rabat and Maghreb Fez Army club had temporarily arrested a total of 160 Hooligans, of which 90 young people, of which 9. According to the riots, authorities suffered 103 policemen and 57 rowdies partly heavier injuries.

The situation escalated after Rabats 0: 2 defeat. Ultras The hosts stormed the barriers after the final whistle and ran on the field to attack opposing pendants. When the police stressed, the wizards, bottles and stones adorned and partially alcoholic rioters made from both stores the feeders with objects.

In the course of the riots, several vehicles in flames went around the stadium. In addition, damage caused in still unknown height.

The National Association diverted in a first reaction as-far fans for all matches of the remaining season stadium ban. Maghreb trailers are excluded from the next two encounters of their team.

Krawalle in Rabat means a setback for the fight against violence in Moroccan football. After fatal riots five years ago, the authorities had dissolved established ultra-organizations and temporarily prohibited banners and transparents on the audience ranks.

In Morocco football, which is particularly influenced by the rivalry of local rivals Wydad and Raja Casablanca, spectators are only admitted after two years exclusively with ghosts first since the end of February.