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Schalke star talks about his alcohol addiction

Intervention: Tristan Can’t Stop Drinking, Family Fears for His Life | A&E
Victor Pálsson from Bundesliga promoted Schalke 04 gave deep insights into the dark time of his career.

“When we had a day free, I poured myself up and continued to drink the next day so as not to have to admit how wrong I behaved,” said the Schalke vice captain to the “Spiegel”: “I was able to conflict and pain Not to put my difficult childhood, so I picked up the glass. Drinking was a form of escape. “

The Icelander went to Liverpool FC in youth and then changed the club almost every year. At 17 he started drinking. “Back then I had many topics distracted outside of football like gambling and alcohol. I was plagued by mental problems,” said the 31-year-old. When he drank, “then mostly to the film tear”. Because he often had suicidal thoughts, Pálsson went into therapy in 2013. Today it is dry.

Pálsson reported that his father was an alcoholic and drug addict. His mother died as a result of drug abuse: “It was the worst deep of my life, I fell into a big black hole.” He still suffers from this, he regularly meets with therapists and Bundesliga promoteds psychologists: “They helped me from my lows. It is not a sign of weakness when you talk openly about your problems, but one of the strength.”

The international speaks publicly about his personal fate in order to draw attention to mental health. “So far it’s still a kind of taboo,” said Pálsson.

Deb team is worried about Stützle

In the 14th minute of the game, Stützle remained briefly on the gang after a check by Frenchman Thomas Thiry because he probably twisted his knee a bit during the campaign. The 20-year-old then limped into the cabin accompanied by a supervisor and no longer returned to the player bank at the beginning of the second third.

According to the DEB report, there was initially no more detailed diagnosis of the severity of the injury. “It is of course bitter when you lose a player so early. We have important games now. Let’s hope that everything is okay,” said national coach Toni Söderholm.

Gawanke and Reichel now available

Regardless of supporting further tournament participation, national coach Toni Söderholm may welcome Center Lukas Reichel and defender Leon Gawanke in Helsinki in the coming days. A decision on your nomination is expected for Tuesday.

“You have your final meetings today or tomorrow and then we are in exchange of how quickly we could get them,” said Söderholm.

DEB-Team erkämpft zweiten Sieg - Bangen um Stützle | SID

Both North America professionals with their AHL teams had left the play-offs at the weekend.

2. Bundesliga gives Sky growth

“Sky” announced by press release that almost 4.7 million viewers per match day (“average aggregated visual participation of all kick-offs”) have switched on. According to the broadcaster, that is two percent more spectators per match day than in 2020/21. The Sunday games and the game on Friday evening are not included in the Bundesliga, since the transfer rights are at DAZN.

The 2nd division in particular proved to be a guarantee of success for “Sky”. A range of 54 percent was achieved through clubs such as Schalke, Werder Bremen or HSV. The highlight was the 33rd matchday when 2.4 million viewers followed the games.

“We are extremely satisfied with the last season. Not only because we were able to record a slight spectator plus with both leagues, but because the 2nd Bundesliga has come across a previously unmatched interest,” Charly has come Classen, Executive Vice President Sport at “Sky” Germany, quoted.

Party with the fans! FC Bayern celebrate with the Meisterschale

The current TV rights still apply until the 2024/25 season. Who shows what? The TV packages from the 2021/22 season at a glance

Cadiz – Real 1: 1 | Replacement goalkeeper Lunin holds penalty

In the absence of numerous spared stars, it was the second guard of the royal who was allowed to operate in Cadiz: Already in the 5th minute Mariano Diaz, who represented benzema (not in the squad) in the storm center But especially with template giver Rodrygo, who had previously left five players’ players in his sensational dribbling.

However, the early lead and another chance by Asensio (12th) deceived a little over the fact that Cadiz was the more active team from the start. However, neither Akapo (1st), nor Negredo (14th, 24th) were able to use the uncomfortable carelessness in Real’s defensive.

Real defends Vogelwild – Cadiz deservedly compensates for

Cádiz vs Real Madrid | All Goals & Highlights | LaLiga Santander 21-22

However, this did not turn out to be warning signals for the master and champions League finalists. Replacement goalkeeper Lunin, who represented Courtois, had to offer all his skills against Idrissi (36th), but was beaten a short time later when a Sobrino shot was fell into goal from the lower edge of the latte – the absolutely deserved equalization ( 37.). Actually, the underdog would have had to lead to the break, but it did not use regular mistakes in the real defensive after the 1: 1.

Cadiz ‘runs chances: Lunin holds penalty

Even after the change of sides, it was clearly noticeable that one team was sure to get the championship and that the other had to avoid an impending descent. Real failed, Cadiz dominated – but Cadiz just didn’t use his chances. After another Militao error, Negredo was taken from Lunin from his legs, but failed in the due penalty due to Real’s replacement goalkeeper (61.). It was the beginning of a private duel between Cadiz ‘Sturm -Routinier and the Ukrainian in the Madrilenen goal: twice, Lunin destroyed the best chances of Negredo in the a follow -up minutes (67th, 70th) – it was desperate for the relegation candidate.

Real came against far-up home side at least some switching situations and opportunities by Mariano Diaz (63.), Asensio (68.) and Ceballos (90.+2), but was extremely good with the 1-1 final score below the line served – Sobrino awarded the last of many good opportunities of the underdog (83.). Double bitter for Cadiz: Competitor Mallorca won against Rayo Vallecano through a goal in added time and moved past the Andalusians in the table, which thus slip on a relegation z1. On the last matchday, Cadiz no longer has the rescue in his own hands.

FC Sevilla: After the drinking break, the header follows the CL

The home side only had two changes compared to the 2-0 with Elche: Diego Simeone brought Llorente and Suarez to the team for Vrsaljko and Cunha.

For Seville, it was only enough for a 0-0 against Mallorca on the past day. To this end, Julen Lopetegui changed his starting eleven in five positions: Jesus Navas, Jordan, Lamela, Rafa Mir and Corona made space for Montiel, Rakitic, Delaney, Ocampos and En-Nesyri.

Although the home side were already in the premier class, the team from Simeone actively started the top game and dictated the action. Suarez (6th) and Reinildo (9th) came to significant opportunities early on. The latter just put a header past left.

GIENENEZ ‘header to lead

Highlights Atletico Madrid vs Sevilla FC (1-1)
After a quarter of an hour, the guests woke up slowly and also came to opportunities in the last third, but Ocampos’ header (15th) and En-Nesyris somewhat overhaled end (24th) remained relatively harmless. Instead, Atletico was freezing cold in a somewhat quieter phase: a sharp corner from Carrasco welded in to the head for the lead (30th). Sevilla was a bit more passive again and so nothing changed at the score.

In the second section, Atletico had a little more off the game again and most of all the noteworthy offensive campaigns: Carrasco was blocked, Luis Suarez put a header in his farewell performance in the Wanda Metropolitano (53.) and de Paul’s shot just steered Sevilla keeper Bono About the latte (68.).

after the drinking break reveals En-Nesyri-CL-Ticket as a reward

The Andalusians needed some time and a drinking break in the 75th minute to collect and take the forward gear. It was always en-nesyri who caused danger in front of the Atleti gate. First the Moroccan put a header on the outside network, then on the crossbar – and then he hit the mark (85th). He skillfully nodded a cross from Oliver in the far corner and thus secured the ticket for the Champions League next year.

Direct comparison helps Sevilla against local rival Real Betis

In view of three points ahead, the fourth of the table from Andalusia has now won three points ahead of Real Betis and the direct comparison with the city rival before the last match day. Atletico remains third with a counter and wants to defend it at Real Sociedad on the last match day.

Reverse game Dynamo Dresden against 1. FC Kaiserslautern sold out

Dynamo Dresden can build on a fully occupied stadium in the second leg of the relegation to the 2nd Football Bundesliga against third division third 1. FC Kaiserslautern.
Like the second division-16.

1. FC Kaiserslautern vs. Dynamo Dresden 0-1 | Full Game | 3rd Division 2020/21 | Matchday 1
known, the approximately 30,000 tickets for the game on May 24 (8:30 p.m./SAT1) were sold out within one and a half days.

The first leg will take place on May 20 (8:30 p.m./SAT1) in Kaiserslautern.
The active fan scene in Dresden called on all ticket holders for both games to get into the stadiums in yellow clothes in order to optically symbolize the community.

Eintracht Frankfurt reaches the Champions League

The master shell for VfL Wolfsburg, the third Champions League-Platz for Eintracht Frankfurt and the descent for SC Sand.

Frankfurt fans storm pitch after German side reach first UEL final in 42 years | UEL 21/22 Moments

On the last matchday of the women’s football Bundesliga, the title winner from Lower Saxony, which has been a fixed for a week, celebrated again at the official honor. The Frankfurt women grabbed the 1st FFC Turbine Potsdam to take part in the premier class. The second relegation next to FC Carl Zeiss Jena is the Badischer SC Sand.

The Eintracht team of coach Niko Arnautis defeated Werder Bremen 4-0 (1-0) on Sunday and displaced the Potsdamers, who lost 0: 5 at Bayern Munich, from third place in the table.

For the Frankfurt women, it is the first participation in the premier class since the previous club 1. FFC Frankfurt fusion with Eintracht in the summer of 2020. In the last game under coach Jens Scheuer, FC Bayern did not bare against Potsdam.

Hoffenheim and Potsdam against Leer

Together with Wolfsburg and Munich, Frankfurt is now representing the Bundesliga in the lucrative Champions League in the next season. Last year’s participant TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, as well as Potsdam, went away.

The Wolfsburgers had already replaced defending champion FC Bayern last weekend and were now honored by national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg and the DFB top forces Bernd Neuendorf and Sabine Mammitzsch.

VfL won 7: 1 against Bayer Leverkusen. The top scorer in the league became the Munich woman Lea Schüller with 16 goals. Despite a 3: 3 in Hoffenheim, the SC Sand has to go to the second division after eight years in the upper house.

SC Magdeburg not to be stopped

Six points ahead of five outstanding games: SC Magdeburg does not seem to stop on its way to its first German championship title since 2001. On Sunday, the sovereign Bundesliga heading leader gave the MT Melsungen no chance and presented himself at 33:26 (17:13) like the upcoming champion.

From the beginning, the team of coach Bennet Wiegert led and suffocated the hope of the competition for a slip in the bud. The SCM was quickly 8: 3 in front and the MT never left more denser than to four goals. The best Magdeburg goal scorer in a one -sided game was once more back room player Omar Ingi Magnusson with six goals. André Gomes and Kai Häfner each scored five goals for the guests.

Thanks to its current form, the SCM (54: 4 points) could be as a new champion on the third day of the match. Three victories are still necessary to finally distance the worst pursuers THW Kiel (48:10), SG Flensburg-Handewitt and Füchse Berlin (both 46:12). Next Thursday, Magdeburg will receive Liga-Lichtlicht TuS N-Lübbecke, then it goes to the eleventh HSV Hamburg, then at home against the current penultimate HBW Balingen-Weilstetten. So everything is arranged.

TBV collects Melsungen in the table

In the second Sunday game, TBV Lemgo Lippe defeated TVB Stuttgart with 33:30 (14:15). It was once again a tough work for the team of coach Florian Kehrmann, through the victory the TBV pushed past Melsungen with 30:30 points in ninth place. TBV left-left-wing Bjarki Mar Elisson was the most accurate with eight goals, for which Swabians scored Jerome Müller like Lemgos Tim Suton seven times.

SC Magdeburg – MT Melsungen 33:26 (17:13)

Tore for Magdeburg: O. I. Magnusson 6/3, O’Sullivan 5, M. Damgaard 4, Musche 4, Smits 4, Gullerud 2, Hornke 2, Ph. Weber 2, Bezjak 1, G. T. Kristjansson 1, Mertens 1, Saugstrup 1
Gates for Melsungen: A. Gomes 5, K. Häfner 5, Arnarsson 3, Kühn 3, Reichmann 3/3, Drosten 2, Kunkel 2, Allendorf 1, Hörr 1, Petersson 1
Referee: Christian vom Dorff (Kaarst)/Fabian vom Dorff (Kaarst)
viewer: 5606
Criminal minutes: – / 6
Disqualification: \ – / –

TBV Lemgo Lippe – TVB Stuttgart 33:30 (14:15)

Gates for the TBV: Elisson 8/2, Suton 7, Zerbe 6, G. Guardiola Villaplana 4, Hutecek 3, Schagen 3, Simak 2
Gates for Stuttgart : Jer. Müller 7, Hanusz 5, M. Häfner 4, Pfattheicher 4, V. Kristjansson 2/1, Nicolaus 2, Zieker 2, Peshevski 1, Pesic 1, Schulze 1, White 1
Referee: Julian Köppl (Darmstadt)/Denis Regner (Nieder-Olm)
viewer: 2364

Spielfrei Episode 1 - Bennet Wiegert
Criminal minutes: 4/8
Disqualification: \ – / –

Schalkes mortgage too big: BVB follows Hertha into the final

In the end, the mortgage from the first leg was simply too big. On Saturday a week ago, Schalke 04 was 1: 5 in the semi-final first leg at BVB -and in the second leg “only” came to a 1-0 home win. According to Hertha BSC, the second finalist is determined, in exactly 14 days (1 p.m., live! At week ago) the slightly favorite Dortmund are waiting.

With a view of the high first leg victory, BVB concentrated from the start on a solid defensive that hardly allowed anything in the first 45 minutes. Only the crossbar from Sané from 17 meters caused an excitement.

With all the defensive effort, the team of coach Mike Tullberg completely neglected their offensive game. The strikers Fink and Rijkhoff, involved in all five goals a week ago, hung in the air. After his 45-minute mission, Bynoe-Gitten was only on the bench at the game of the professionals against Hertha (2-1) on Saturday.

Collins over the empty goal – Schalkes 2: 0 does not count

MOUKOKO schießt HERTHA BSC ins RELEGATIONSPIEL????| Borussia Dortmund - Hertha BSC 2:1 | STADIONVLOG ????

In view of the 0-0 break, a preliminary decision had already been made in front of around 600 spectators after the first half. But Schalke did not give up, continued his offensive game. Sané, to find in the second section on the right wing, stimulated unrest, but his cross on the second post could not crown anubodema with the leadership (53.).

On the other hand, after 56 minutes, bynoe Gitten came for the pale Rijkhoff. Shortly thereafter, it almost rang, but after Rothe’s free kick, the surprised Collins came to the ball in front of keeper Treichel, but nodded it over the empty goal (59.). Suddenly the ball was in the BVB network because after a misunderstanding in the Dortmund back team Schalke-Joker Guzy switched the fastest (69.).

In minute 78 it could have been gripping again, but after Guzy’s cross Standers Standers was on the sidelines, so that his 2-0 was revoked. Then the morale of the Schalke was broken, the game rippled towards its end. It should stay with the tight victory for S04, which was enough for the BVB with a view to the first leg for the final.

FC Bayern: Robert Lewandowski contradicts Hasan Salihamidzic

Both Hasan Salihamidzics director Hasan Salihamidzic from FC Bayern and Robert Lewandowski himself confirmed the goal scorer. However, their statements contradict.

“I spoke to Hasan and told him that I made my decision. I said that I would not extend my contract, although there is still no specific offer. Both sides must now think about the future, I too. I also informed the trainer about it, “said Lewandowski after the 2-2 on Saturday against VfL Wolfsburg in an interview with the Polish journalist Piotr Domagala at” ViaPlay “.

He said Salihamidzic with a view to a club change, “if an offer comes, then we have to think about it – also for the club,” said Lewandowski. “Both sides have to think about the future. I can’t say more.”

“I think at this point is the most important thing for both parties to find an appropriate solution. It is quite possible that this was my last game for FC Bayern. But today I can’t be 100 percent sure. Of course I have another year of contract, so there will certainly be more to say in the near future, “the top scorer continued.

FC Bayern: Aussagen von Salihamidzic und Lewandowski widersprechen sich | Lage der Liga
Lewandowski also emphasized that he had “not offered” no offer “from FC Bayern about an extension of the contract – a contradiction to the statements of Hasan Salihamidzic before the game.

Robert Lewandowski wants to “leave” FC Bayern

The latter had said: “I spoke to Lewa. In the conversation, he informed me that he did not want to accept our offer to extend the contract and that he would like to leave the club.”

However, Salihamidzic once again emphasized the record champion’s intention not to let Lewandowski draw this summer.

Coach Julian Nagelsmann described a possible change of the Poland as “loss”. He added: “There is little room for grief. You have to try to make the best out of the situation.”

It is “not nice to lose a good player,” said the Bayern coach. But there are more important things in life that you have to really be sad about.

oral agreement with FC Barcelona?

Lewandowski has been associated with FC Barcelona for weeks.

According to “Hasan Salihamidzic1”, there is already an oral agreement between Lewandowski’s consultant Pini Zahavi and Barca. There is therefore a three -year contract in the room.

According to “Hasan Salihamidzic1”, Barcelona’s club president Joan Laporta has assured the Lewandowski page that the association would make an official offer for the 33-year-old if FC Bayern actually signaled.

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