Isla dead 2 According to reports, it is not only happening, but its launch date apparently is not far away. The sequel of 2011 isla dead was announced in 2014. Unlike its predecessor, which was developed by Techland, the Polish studio that would continue to do to do moribunda_ and luz moribund 2isla dead 2 was being done by special compliance: the line_ developer yager Developing. However, in 2016, after development problems, the study was withdrawn from the game and replaced by digital summary, a team perhaps better known by campaña 3, sackboy: a great adventure and task of sonic racing_. However, Sumo Digital did not last long. And for a while, it was not clear what was happening with the game until 2019, Dambuster Studios, a team better known by the 2016 games. Homefront: The revolution – was assigned to its development. Since then, we have not heard a lot about the project and we have not seen a new revelation yet.

Unfortunately, we still do not have official details about the game, but we do have some unofficial details of privileged information and filtering industry, Tom Henderson. Just at the top, Henderson affirms that the development of the game is in good shape, which indicates that it will eventually happen. To this end, Henderson affirms that an official game update will be shared in the coming months with a launch that probably arrives at some time between the fourth quarter of 2022 and early 2023.

Will Dead Island 2 FINALLY Be Shown In 2022?
Speaking about the game itself, Henderson adds that, according to reports, it is very faithful to the first game, although Damuster Studios is making improvements where necessary. In addition to this, Henderson affirms that the scene of the original sequel has remained, which means that it takes place in California in several different places.

In general, this is the scope of the report, which has not yet obtained any response from Dambuster Studios, Deep Silver or anyone involved in the game. We do not expect this to change for a wide range of reasons, but if it does, we will make sure to update the story accordingly.

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