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GTA Online: How to get 300,000 dollars for free a week in June

Rockstar wanted to throw the house out the window and offer a great help to all GTA online players, since he has encouraged to offer the opportunity toachieve 300,000 free a week *. You just have to keep reading the following guide to know all the steps to follow.

How to get 300,000 dollars for free a week in June

How To Get 300,000 DOLLARS ($300,000) in GTA Online!
Any amount of money you get in Los Santos will always be well received by the enormous amount of things in which you can spend those dollars that you save, but until June 29 that concern will be less with the thousands and thousands of dollars that you can pocket every seven days.

To start, only the fact of connect at any time of the week will make you earn $ 100,000, without having to do anything else. To take another 100,000 additional dollars you must link your Prime Gaming account to that of the Social Club of Rockstar Games .

Finally, those who want to carry the remaining $ 100,000 will also need to be pointed to Prime Gaming and GTA+. In fact, those who are signed to this last service will receive free clothes and accessories, twice the dollars in security contracts, an agency in Rockford Hills and the Grotti Brioso R/A.

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Fractured Online: Grab a tap strain now!

Fractored Online not only wants to convince you with an enchanting game world that you can explore from an isometric perspective, but also with a clever faction system, unique bioma and the absolute cake for MMO gamers: One of players!

Fractored Online is developed by the Milanese Studio Dynamight Studios, which has set nothing other than to revolutionize the sandbox mm genre ! You can try out whether the developers are already doing this now! Because we are giving away 500 betakys! The Free Week also takes place – we explain all the important details and the difference below!

free week for fractured online

First of all, the information about the free week for fractured online: ** It starts on May 25, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. and ends on May 31, 2022 at 4:00 p.m. Fans fractured online pay a visit to explore the continent of Aerhen, which is largely dominated by humans. There you will get your money’s worth! Not only the weather beats caps; It is freezing cold in the mountains, cozy with the volcanoes and it rains in the steppe.

No, you also meet fabulous figures such as Jotunns, mammoths, elementary and arctic wolves. Regardless of whether you want to look at the craft, economy or PvP from fractured online, or just roam the world… all of this is possible and you can try all of this in the Free Week… But just! With one of our fractored online betakys, everything can be done even longer and in more detail!

Betakeys for fractured online

What you want to try out in fractured online is only up to you and your buddies! With one of our fractored online tea, you can frolicker in the dynamic sandbox world for longer. Following the rules:

Celebrities Who Now Work Normal Jobs

The keys can be redeemed from the time of the award after the end of our raffle (May 22, 2022 at 12:00 p.m.), until May 25, 2022 at 11:59 p.m., so that your key doesn’t expire!
* From the time from which you have redeemed the key in your glyph account, you have access to the closed beta of fractured online for two weeks to take a detailed picture of the upcoming sandbox mm!
By the way: * All progress is “canceled” for later beta access, only before the release will there be a wipe.

Now that we have explained all the rules for you:

Do you feel like trying fractored online? (click here!)

Then click on the link that is not to be overlooked in our Betakey raffle! The raffle is active until May 22, 2022 at 12:00 p.m., the keys are then divided and automatically sent among all participants at the competition. The legal process is excluded, a cash payment is not possible. Our general competition conditions apply! Good luck and have fun in fractured online! Even if you shouldn’t win, you can use the Free Week!

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Rockstar makes GTA-Online

Rockstar Games Is Giving ALL Players FREE Money In GTA 5 Online... HUGE Ban Wave Explained & MORE!
A GTA online player gets an unexpected financial syringe of Rockstar – but massive Ingame coal does not grow over the developer. In fact, the money present is so carnty that the community is delicious about it.

GTA Online: Kleinvieh also makes crap!

Cars, weapons, companies – life in the gangster metropolis of GTA online is not cheap. Even the monthly money gift from a million dollars is now considered a nice deposit for most objects. But rather money than no money, right?

Recently, Reddit-User DevonMatrix was congratulated by GTA online that he won money. The amount was so curious that he had to post him in the forum, whereupon great laughter broke out.

The amount that Reddit User DevonMatrix has won, amounts to full 705 dollars . In the post office, the amused players expect how far 705 dollars could bring the fan into GTA online. A taxi ride would be in it, if the daily costs would not come in between.

Even if developer Rockstar is known for his humor, will the payment be due to a bug . Because compared to the millions earning the gangsters in GTA online, 705 dollars are more like a nice tip for the valet parking at the casino.

Forspoken shows graphic muscle with your latest video clip: This is exactly how it looks with Microsoft and AMD innovation

Although the statement of its delay has actually fallen as a chilly water jug, Luminous Productions has been responsible for keeping the rate of interest of players with Gameplays loaded with action and also mortal enemies. On top of that, it ought to be kept in mind that Forspoken will certainly also have exceptional visuals features in PS5, where it will be kept as a special console for a while. In our initial perceptions we have actually not been able to prevent settings in the particularities of their open globe.

On the other hand, MicrSoft has actually additionally intended to display its technical advantages through its most tip DirectStorage, which will certainly minimize lots times in Forspoken. In the video clip you can see the power of this proposition, which is separated right into a comparison between the HDD, the SATA as well as the fastest M. 2 SSD. In other words, an option that attains regarding 20 secs of distinction with the fastest DirectStorage.

In recent weeks, Forspoken has actually offered us rather bitteries. The information of its delay has saddened all followers of Frey’s experience, yet that does not indicate that Luminous Productions has thrown the towel. However, it is now committed to maintaining high assumptions with trailers and videos that advise us of every little thing that will certainly exist with this great proposition.

AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution Partner Showcase Ep. 3: Luminous Productions & Forspoken
AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution improves facets such as environmental occlusion or reflexes That is why Forspoken has released a brand-new development of all the graphic renovations that you obtain many thanks to Microsoft as well as AMD technology. As you can see in the video clip that opens this news, AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution handles to innovate in sections such as environmental occlusion, reflexes and sound reductions in their numerous visuals modes.

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New changes of GTA Online submitted by Rockstar Games

GTA online and GTA V are finally available for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S platforms, which means that players now have expanded and improved versions of the game they were waiting. Apparently, those updated versions are not the end of Rockstar Games plans for those GTA games, since the developer was mocked in his last news publication about his releases that there are more plans to “improve and adjust the gta online experience. Some of the planned adjustments have already been made and get more advanced for the future.

Grand Theft Auto V and GTA Online Out Now on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S
The conversations of what is to come GTA online They shared towards the end of the last news publication about the game online Grand Theft Auto. Rockstar reminded players that the game versions for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S pay more at Biker Sell Missions and Nightclub Daily Income to encourage players to use those features more and make the rewards more online with the expectations. In addition to these changes, more areas will be rebalanced, such as PVP elements related to the use of vehicles.

«As we continue to improve and refine the gta online experience, we have also made adjustments to increase basic payments in Biker Sell Missions and Nightclub Daily Income at PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S», Rockstar Games said about those versions of Games and changes already made in GTA online. “In the future, we plan to continue making more adjustments in all versions of the game, as well as rebalancing other areas, such as vehicles that are commonly used in PVP combat. Stay tuned for more details”.

Although we still do not know what are those gta online the changes will be seen beyond the teasing of the vehicles, Rockstar has been quite consistent with respect to his week GTA online and gta v publications, so that at least we know where to look for the news. It is possible that these changes are slowly integrated into weekly updates as we have seen in the past instead of a great fall, so be attentive to those frequent ads to see what changes.

“Grand Theft Auto V” The price of the next generation machine is released. At least 50% off sale of 3 months after release

RockStar Games has published the price of the next generation of “ GRAND THEFT AUTO V ” (hereinafter GTAV) and “ GTA ONLINE ” on March 8th. The price system seems to be somewhat complicated due to differences between platforms and sailing. Also, in both the PlayStation platform and the Xbox platform, the upgrade plan from the current plane is not available.

“GTAV” in the PlayStation 5 version is a 75% off sale within 3 months from Launch, and can be obtained at $ 9.99 (approximately 1100 yen). After 3 months later, the game is provided at $ 39.99 (about 4400 yen). On the other hand, the stand-alone version “GTA ONLINE” can be obtained free of charge within three months of Launch. After 3 months later, it is sold at $ 19.99 (approximately 2200 yen).

On the other hand, about “GTAV” of Xbox Series X | S version, we conducted 50% off sale for three months from the release. The price is sold at $ 19.99 (approximately 2200 yen). After 3 months later, it is scheduled to be sold at $ 39.99 (about 4400 yen). Also, for the stand-alone version of “GTA Online”, it is possible to purchase at $ 9.99 (approximately 1100 yen) for three months from the release. After 3 months later, it will be sold by $ 19.99 (approximately 2200 yen).

Various elements have been added to the next generation of “GTAV” and “GTA Online”. “GTAV” is equipped with three graphic modes. “FIDELITY MODE” is a mode of image quality, and Ray Tracing is applied to 4K image quality on PS5 and Xbox Series X. In Xbox Series S, it corresponds to 4K. Frame rate is 30 fps. Performance is prioritized in “Performance Mode” and the frame rate is 60 fps. PS5 / Xbox Series X corresponds to 4K image quality, and the resolution at Xbox Series S is 1080P. In addition, “Performance RT Mode” that can be selected only for PS5 / XBOX SERIES X. Here we apply ray tracing while maintaining 4K image quality, and the frame rate maintains 60 fps.

In addition, load time is shortened. The variety of population and traffic in the city increases and the density of vegetation is also increasing. In addition to improving the quality of writing, the depiction of water surface reflections and the like is also improved. Furthermore, in addition to anti-aliases and motion blur, there is also a quality up of explosion and flame depiction. Also, in the PS5 version, adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. Taste the feel of weather effects, damage, the textual texture on the street, explosion. Also, in the PS5 version, TEMPEST 3D audio, Xbox Series X | S corresponds to Spatial Sound, and enliven the sound.

Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition Trailer

In “GTA Online”, new vehicles will be added, and Hao’s Special Works will be held as Ross-Santos’s curmmation. Hao’s Special Works offers car upgrades and new class laces riding a specially coordinated car, and a weekly time trial. Furthermore, it is also possible to try newly adjusted cars for free with premium test ride. There are many improvements in the QOL plane, such as changing tutorials and improvement of the main menu.

The PlayStation 4 / Xbox ONE player can take over the progress of the “GTAV” story mode and the character at the current “GTA Online” to the PlayStation 5 / Xbox Series X | S version. “GTAV” already can upload save data to RockStar Games Social Club. From the current account of “GTAV”, the game tab of the pose menu is opened and uploaded. Note that only one save data that can be uploaded for each platform, and the data retention period is 90 days. “GTA ONLINE” allows data to take over from March 15.

“GRAND THEFT AUTO V” “GTA ONLINE” Next-generation machine is scheduled to be released on March 15.

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