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Ghost VS. Ghost Hunters Battle Games “Midnight Ghost Hunt” on March 31st for STEAM Early Access Delivery. Implement CBT just before

Publisher Coffee Stain Publishing announced on March 25, Multi-play match game that Vaulted Sky Games works on Midnight Ghost Hunt **, announced early access delivery in PC (STeam) on March 31st. The price is $ 19.99, so it will be around 2400 yen.

Midnight Ghost Hunt - Early Access Gameplay Trailer

“Midnight Ghost Hunt” is a 4-to-4 online multiplayer game that defects in ghosts and ghost hunters. Map of a spooky environment such as a ghost mansion is provided, and the ghost hunter is mainly a ghost hunter. The player on the ghost hunter side will find the ghost side player while making full use of gadgets and traps that can detect ghosts.

The ghost side player has the ability to enable various objects in the map. You can also set up a trap to deceive ghost hunters, and flee the ghost hunter and run away. If the ghost side player can survive even one person, the shape will reverse the case at 12 o’clock at night. All ghosts have revived, given powerful ability to ghosted players, and this time the ghost will hunt the ghost hunter.

Ghost hunter victory if you break all ghosts by 12 o’clock or get a ghost of ghosts from 12 o’clock. Conversely, if you can block escape, it is a victory on the ghost.

At the end of early access delivery, in addition to seven types of maps, we implement about 10 types, such as ghost hunter weapons, gadgets, and ghost availability and park, respectively. There are more than 40 skins and emotors, and also editors that can change the game rules are also provided. It is also possible to mix BOT and play.

“Midnight Ghost Hunt” is scheduled to be delivered early on March 31st. In addition, prior to early access delivery, it was announced this time to carry out closed beta tests from March 28 to 2 days. You can request access from “Participating in Midnight Ghost Hunt-Beta Test” on the Store page of Steam. If you are interested, let’s apply.

All locations of monsters in Anikka in Lost Ark

Lost Ark has a lot of monsters that you need to kill, especially in Anik. You can find all the locations of the monsters below, which fill the various parts of the foliant adventurerist.

Where to find all the locations of monsters in Anik

Rotan Mountain – Location of the Brigan Veteran Monster

This monster is on the northwestern side of the map. He is in the lair of the robber, east of the cradle of the open grave and north of the cold house with ghosts. This one looks like other enemies nearby. Pay special attention to the top of their heads and kill one of who over the head of the yellow aura.

Rotan Mountain – Location of the Ghost Monster Twisted Sorcerer

This monster is located on the western side of the map in a cold house with ghosts. He is south of the log houses, northwest of the training platform of Clan Yong. As pirates usually attack you, and not on these enemies, you can easily detect them. Look for soar things like demons.

Rotan Mountain – Strange Location Monster Puppet

This monster is located in the center of the map, under the rathana garden. It is east of the cold house with ghosts and north of the Wolf Valley. They will be called “Strange Wooden Doll” instead of a “strange puppet”. Just kill one who over the head is yellow ball.

Delphi Township – Lazenic Crop Lazy Kidney

This monster is on the eastern side of the card, next to the waypoint. It is east of the salon and southeast of the Delphian forest. This is exactly what it looks like – he will ignore you if you are not directly attacking. As soon as you enter their field of view, other monsters will attack you. Aim to the one that does not bother you.

Delphi Township – Location of Giant Monster Allaka

This monster is located on the north side of the card, hidden in the room in which you usually do not enter. It is located southeast of the forest Delhi and north of the salon, and it can be reached either from the Valley of Prism, or from the waypoint near the cabin. When you enter the room, there will be three identical ones on the species of monster, one of which you need, so kill all three.

Delphi Township – Location of a giant monster in a white lion mask

This monster is on the western side of the card next to the dungeon and the waypoint. This is west of Delphi Inn and south of the government agency. Go to the place marked above, because they appear there alone and do not leave.

Melody Forest – Location Ultired Monster Hydra

This monster is located in the center of the map in the Spring of Echoes. The training platform of Jook Clan is west of the dungeon of the joke barrier. The fastest way to get to it is to use the waypoint nearby. We found them in the southwestern part of the Spring of Echoes, but, as always, look for a glowing ball above their heads.

Melody Forest – Monster Location Twisted Nightmare Eyes

This monster is located on the south side of the map. It is east of the gates and south of the echo spring. They are everywhere, and we continued to find them by chance. Look for black flying octologists with a luminous ball above your head.

All Anikka Monster Locations Lost Ark

Melody Forest – Location Monster Unliving Soldier

This monster is located in the middle of the card, very close to the previous record. It is east of the gates and south of the echo spring. They look like a man-spider hybrids and very terrible. Groups of these abominations are usually headed by a monster you are trying to kill.

Valley Prism – Location of lead fox wind

This monster is on the east side of the map in Beacon Point. It is east of the temple of the Divine and appears immediately after arriving from the town of Delphi. Because there are many foxes, you will have to continue to kill them until you find the right 1. A glowing ball is always the best indicator.

Prism Valley – Giant Location Monster in Mask of Red Lion

This monster is located on the western side of the card next to the waypoint. This is south of the bamboo temple and west of the sanctuary of the Divine. Like their white fellow, they do not like to leave the territory in which there are. Take a look at this place, and if you do not see it, it may be waiting for the Renaissance.

You must keep in mind that this monster usually comes to the fact that below.

Valley Prism – Location of the Giant Fiery Monster Dockcast

This monster is on the southwestern side of the card next to the previous entry. This is south of the bamboo temple and west of the sanctuary of the Divine. Get ready for a tough battle, because this monster will appear at the same time. This is a big monster with a blade attached to hand.

Twilight fog – Location of durable tombstone monster

This monster is on the eastern side of the map in the cloud valley. He is south of the steaming hill and east of the cold edge. Around a lot of monsters Rugged Tombstone, because they are easier to find them. This is a white monster that floats.

Twilight Mist – the infamous monster monster location in the Red Mantle

This monster is on the north side of the card, next to the waypoint. It is east of the Nizhbus cave and south of the entrance to the Dungeon of Rotina Hollow. Shamans usually run in groups of three people, but there are many of them around. Looking for a glowing ball above their heads.

Twilight Mist – solid deductible flying bird location

This monster is on the eastern side of the card over the soaring hill. This is east of the Nimbus Cavern and the entrance to the Foul Hollow dungeon. We celebrated it exactly where it will be, and there will be several around, but you will see them only there. This is a colorful monster that flies and can withstand a lot of shocks before dirting.

Advanced Lost Ark guides see How to get an encrypted note in Lost Ark or How to get a royal warning in Lost Ark in Lost Ark right here in Pro Game Guides.

If you wear it! Monster Hunter Blanket

If Monster Hunter, you can not miss the companion ‘Iu’ with hunting. It is also a strong partner who is working hard and harmoniously to hunting with armor and weapon in appearance. A mascot that represents the Monster Hunter series so that the spin-off title “Monson Il Il Il Il-il” appeared in the main character.

The “blanket” that can be seen by this is revealed. Capcom is a collaborative collaboration with Japan Gaming Furniture Brand Bauhutte (Bauhutte). It is made of Moto, which represents Monster Hunter, and it is like a large doll dress and pajamas.

Why you should never sleep with one leg outside the blanket

The biggest feature is that from the head to the toe, the ‘Iru’ feature was featured. In a large hood on a blanket, the eyari’s ears ran on both sides, and the ship is stuck on the ship, and the tail is also dependent. It also contains gloves that can cover the whole hand like a Izu, like an Izu that is not expressed, As soon as the headset is applied as a ‘gaming blanket’, it has a large hood enough to enter the head.

Monster Hunter X Bijolte Blanket is a reservation at Capcom official online shopping mall ‘E Capcom’ and is shipped sequentially from the end of February. The price is 1,9,910 yen (about 200,000 won), the size is M (key 155 ~ 165cm), L (key 165 ~ 175 cm), XL (key 175 to 185cm).

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