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Lost Ark: Save a unique Raptor

Who is Prime customer at Amazon, was able to secure two item packages for Lost Ark and thus get boxes with combat articles, amethyse splitters, a pet and a few days of crystalline aura. For a short time, the third package is now available via Prime Gaming – and it’s the most exciting so far!

Chic Raptor mount for Lau

The current package for Lost Ark consists of five days of crystalline aura, 500 amethysts splitter and the silver combat faptor (see picture above). You can secure these items until 03. May 2022. These end up after picking up prime gaming in your product inventory in the game.

By the way, the amethystsplitter can be used to his mysterious man in one of the capitals. This is also titled as exchange NPC for amethyst fragments. For example, you can receive the following offers for fragments for the dealer:

  • 14 days crystalline aura for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Relationship follow-up chest (3 epic relationship chairs) for 2,200 amethysts splitter
  • 3 x fighting objects for 2,200 amethysts splitter
  • Pheon chest for 2,200 amethysts splitter
  • Arkesia paper mask skin for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Companion tricks for trick, clipping and whimpering for 6,600 amethysts splitter

  • Ship Skin for 6,600 amethysts splitter

  • Emote star dance for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Sail-skin for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Companion selection chest for 13,200 amethysts splitter
  • Legendary emoticon package for 13,200 amethysts splitter

  • Riding Golden Warwolf for 22,000 amethysts splitter

Lost Ark - Wish I Knew Sooner | Tips, Tricks, & Game Knowledge for New Players

What’s up to Via Prime Gaming?

Of course, Prime Gaming has not only for Lost Ark (now buying 19.99 €) Great Goodies in the luggage. For Hearthstone there’s a random legendary standard card, for Overwatch you can secure a Golden Lootbox and for New World is the skin package “West Harmonist” ready for pickup – and these are just a few examples. You can also secure full versions such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion or the Special Edition by Monkey Island 2.

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Lost ARK – This is the March Update: Argos arrives, the Arkesia GP starts and the PVP begins

Less after a month after the launch of Lost Ark , the MMORPG developed by Smilegate and distributed by Amazon Games will receive its first great update through a patch that will be launched in the game on March 10. The new version will be available as of 9:00 (Spanish peninsular time), although about four hours of maintenance are expected before players can re-immerse themselves in which Steam’s most played game is still.

All News of the First Great Lost Ark patch

The content added to the game has been considered a pleasant surprise for a good part of the community. The developers have announced incorporations to satisfy all kinds of public , from those looking for a more casual experience until they bite the nails waiting for a new boss to come to start raids accompanied by the guild of him. Next, we will review all the news that are included in the game on this first large patch.

New missions

New missions, locations and cinematic moments will land at Lost Ark with the search for Kadan, a mataguardia related to the search for the final ark. It should be noted that these challenges will not be available from the beginning for all players, since we will have to meet the following requirements.

Lost Ark - Massive March Update | New Abyss Raid, Story Missions, Competitive PVP, And More!
* Have completed Feiton
* Have completed the Yorn mission: that light becomes
* Have completed the whisper islet mission: the beginning of our history
* Have completed the island mission Ilusion of Bamboo: the end of the tests
* Have a level of objects of 1,100

Argos arrives as a new boss

The strong plate for players who have advanced most is the arrival of Argos as a new boss. This creature will star a weekly rewards raid ** that we will have to complete in groups of eight players. As usual, we will have a limited limit and resurrections time. There are three different levels with an ascending requirement regarding the quality of our objects. In addition, to participate we must complete a guide mission called unlocked abyss assault.

  • Level 1: 1370
  • Level 2: 1385
  • Level 3: 1400

Grand Award of Arkesia

In addition to the seriousness, Lost Ark developers have found space to throw a racing event . In this mode, there will be two teams of seven players who will try to reach the goal while avoiding the rivals to achieve it. We will have to, literally, run and eat tarts to progress while we saboted the rivals as much as possible in one of the most casual modes that the game will introduce. In all the big cities there will be a NPC called Gestor of the Grand Prix of Arkesia that will take us to the event. This time the requirements are simpler.

  • To participate, it is necessary to have reached the level 50

The competitive begins

The battlefields player against player will begin to get serious. The first season will be launched during the last days of March allowing us to compete in a competitive ranking. Many details have not yet been offered, but the Smilegate and Amazon Games team is committed to offering more information as the release date of season 1 approaches.

  • To participate, it is necessary to have reached class 1 in the training camps.

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