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Viktoria coach Toku: Meppen will be difficult enough

After a series of eleven winless games, Berlin had returned to Magdeburg on matchday 32 with a threesome, with another six points from the following four games opened the chance to remove the league. The competition also died hard, especially main competitor SC Verl, who recently went out of the square three times in a row. After Viktoria Köln (2-0 against FCK), Hallesche FC (2-1 in Würzburg) and the MSV Duisburg (1-0 against SC Freiburg II) also import victories, the remote duel for the last free place Viktoria Berlin is called Against Verl.

The starting point is clear: Viktoria must definitely win over the SCV in the final duel against SV Meppen in two points, you don’t want to leave the 3rd league after only a year. And the association from the capital is dependent on shooting aid from the MSV Duisburg, which laid down the relegation with the 1-0 against Freiburg II.

FC Viktoria Köln - SV Meppen | Highlights 3. Liga 21/22

Meppen in front of the chest, Verl in view

“I am not a dreamer, see the realities, but Verl has to score against Duisburg,” coach Farat Toku encourages himself and his team, but he appreciates the chance of Viktoria as “minimal”. First of all, he demands that he do his own homework. “We will prepare professionally, to beat Meppen will be difficult enough.” That SVM had beaten 3: 2 in the outnumbered.

NFL: Doping lock for cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals have to do without their best paspassport recipients recipients for just more than a third of the main round games in the coming NFL season.

The National Football League blocked Deandre Hopkins for a violation of the doping rules for six games.

Cardinals Folktales | The ‘Legendary Locker’ of Pat Tillman (Ep. 1)
The league did not say what exactly Hopkins had been guilty.
The receiver, who turns 30 in the coming month, played ten games last season and achieved eight touchdowns.
When he was no longer there because of several injuries, the cardinals missed the playoffs.
With him, the team won eight wins in ten games, without three games in eight games.

TSG 1899 Hoffenheim misses mandatory victory

The SPVGG Greuther Fürth can hardly be saved in the football league.

After the goatless draw at the TSG 1899 Hoffenheim on Sunday, the newcomer from Franconia separate four games before the end of the season eleven points from VFB Stuttgart, which currently occupies relegation rank 16. A jump on the saving 15th place is already as good as no longer possible. The 16,100 spectators received a weak game with a few highlights and many mistakes.

Hoffenheim is already five league games without victory and missed it again to master a compulsory task at home and points to the struggle to score the international seats. On this weekend, the 1st FC Cologne and the 1st FC Union Berlin passed by the Kraichgauer, the distance to the table fifth SC Freiburg has grown on six points and barely recoverable. The rest program also has it: at Europa League semi-finalist Frankfurt, to this against Freiburg, Leverkusen and Mönchengladbach.

For stunning spring weather, very little happened in the first half. TSG striker Munas Dabbur (4th) shot from a short distance after a corner. Although vice-world champion Andrej Kramaric shone with a Zinedine Zidane role, but afterwards (11th) closed a lot too. Much went at Hoffenheim over the ex-Fürther David Room, which had returned to yellow lock and how at 6: 3 in the first leg proprietary pace. Fürth was confined to defending, offensive actions remained in short supply in the first round. At halftime, there were whistles for 45 minutes footballing lean food.

After the change, it continued with a short shock moment. The two Hoffenheim Stefan Posch and Diadie Samassékou rattled after a throw with the heads. Posch, who apparently suffered a place wound, got it harder, the Austrian bleeded and had to be replaced.

For Greuther Fürth it’s about damage limitation

Ihlas Bebou (57.) clearly grasped the next TSG graduation. But also Fürth not only hidden: When Julian Green (62nd) wit to succeed, Hoffenheim’s final man Oliver Baumann had to stretch properly for the first time and turned the ball around the post.

While for Hoffenheim, the fight for Europe continues despite current misery, it is likely to be due to damage limits for the shamrocks in the remaining games. To fetch the first away win or exceed the 21 points from the descent season: so possible goals for the eleven of head coach Stefan Leitl could be.

To overtake the 16th Stuttgart and the 17th Bielefeld, four victories would have to be produced. And the VfB would have to lose all his clear games because of the significantly better goal ratio, Bielefeld is hardly any points. Already next Saturday (15:30 clock) against Bayer Leverkusen, the second Bundesliga descent then threatens to be computationally perfect.

PlayStation fanatics report that digital games become unpacitable

PlayStation fanatics report that some old digital games can no longer be played on older consoles. PlayStation has raised a series of concerns about how it will maintain its oldest platforms over the years. In 2021, Sony announced that it would close the PLAYSTATION STORE stores from PS Vita and PS3, which caused a great violent reaction by the players. Even though it is a platform that now has two generations, many worried that there were tons of games that would essentially be lost over time. With the vowels that were the fans, Sony reversed the decision and confirmed that the stores would remain in operation in the foreseeable future.

That said, people meet a problem that has left them confused. Twitter users like Christopher Foose have reported that the old digital games on PS3 and PS vita as Crono Cruz, unity 13 and more now have “dates of expiration” that date back to 1969, even before PlayStation existed. REDDIT User Borellis78 even affirmed that all its PS Vita library has become unpackable. It is not clear what this has caused, but the lack of information about it is disconcerting. The most solid theory about what could be causing this comes from Kotaku. The website noted that the engineers established arbitrary dates that designate the start of the life of an operating system and that an error could be changing the expiration date of the game at that date, causing a license problem on the platform.

Sony has not yet commented on the situation, but it is expected to be resolved soon. However, this only generates more concerns about the sustainability of digital games. Although this is likely that this only affects a minority of people at this time, it is not ruled out that problems like this can affect a more modern and relevant console someday. PlayStation also recently announced its new PlayStation Plus review, which will allow users to access an old game library of different PlayStation platforms at different subscription levels. Many have compared the service with the Game Pass service of Xbox.

Sony is BANNING PlayStation Games you ALREADY BOUGHT?

Has this problem affected you? Let us know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_ONDER.

Best Playstation Plus Membership (Explanation of Essential, Extra and Premium)

Sony has announced its revised PlayStation Plus subscription service that will begin to be implemented in June. Essentially combining the current PLUSSTATION PLUS and PLAYSTATION NOW services and offering two new and more expensive levels with some additional benefits, some have considered that this Sony is equivalent to incredibly popular Game Pass Subscription service. But what is the Best PlayStation Plus Membership Option between your essential, extra and premium Third? Here is everything you need to know.

Explanation of the Essential, Extra and Premium levels of PlayStation Plus

Before we can immerse ourselves on what is the best level of PlayStation Plus, it is important to understand what each one offers and how much they cost.



  • United States
    • $ 9.99 Monthly / $ 24.99 Quarterly / $ 59.99 Annual
  • Europe
    • € 8.99 Monthly / € 24.99 Quarterly / 59,99 € Annual
  • United Kingdom
    • 6.99 £ Monthly / 19.99 £ Quarterly / 49,99 £ Annuals
  • Japan

NEW PlayStation Plus Premium & Essential - 5 Things You Need to know
* 850 Yen Monthly / 2150 Yen Quarterly / 5143 Yeans Annual

What is included

  • Provides the same benefits that PlayStation Plus members get today, such as:
    • Two game downloadable monthly
    • Exclusive discounts
    • Storage in the cloud for saved games
    • Online multiplayer access

Sony affirms here that there are no changes for existing PLAYSTATION PLUS members at this level.

However, it should be noted that, currently, players get three downloadable monthly games as part of their PlayStation Plus membership.

It remains to be seen if it is a typographical error or a real change, but we think it is better to write it here so that it is aware.

more of PlayStation Plus


  • United States
    • $ 14.99 Monthly / $ 39.99 Quarterly / $ 99.99 annual
  • Europe
    • € 13.99 Monthly / € 39.99 Quarterly / € 99.99 Annual
  • United Kingdom
    • 10,99 £ Monthly / 31,99 £ Quarterly / 83.99 £ Annuals
  • Japan
    • 1300 Yellow Yen / 3600 Yen Quarterly / 8600 Yean Years

What is included

  • Provides all the benefits of the essential level
  • Add a catalog up to 400 * from the most fun PS4 and PS games, including box office successes from our PlayStation Studios catalog and external partners. Games at the extra level can be downloaded to play.



  • United States
    • $ 17.99 Monthly / $ 49.99 Quarterly / $ 119.99 annual
  • Europe
    • € 16.99 Monthly / € 49.99 Quarterly / 119,99 € Annual
  • United Kingdom
    • 13,49 £ Monthly / 39.99 £ Quarterly / 99.99 £ Annuals
  • Japan
    • ¥ 1,550 – Monthly / ¥ 4,300 – Quarterly / ¥ 10,250 annual

What is included

  • Provides all the benefits of Essential and Extra levels
  • Add up to 340 * Additional games, included:
    • PS3 games available through the transmission in the cloud
    • A catalog of beloved classic games available in transmission and unloading options of the original generations of PLAYSTATION, PS2 and PSP.
  • Offers access to cloud transmission for the original PlayStation, PS2, PSP and PS4 games that are offered at the extra and premium levels in the markets where PlayStation Now is currently available. Customers can transmit games using PS4 and PS5 and PC consoles. *
  • Game tests for limited time.

What membership of PlayStation Plus is better?

Ultimately, everything is reduced to what is looking for the service. If you are attracted to the extensive Library of Titles of PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3, then you only have an option at PlayStation Plus Premium. Here you also include limited time game tests, but it is still to be seen if it is worth paying the additional cost at the time of writing.

If you want to get access to a catalog of up to 400 PS4 and PS5 titles, while preserving the basic benefits of PlayStation Plus, such as being able to play online, get your two downloadable free games and cloud storage for saved games, then you will want Opt over the extra level.

Finally, if you only want to be able to play online, get a couple of free games each month and get storage in the online cloud to save and get exclusive discounts at PlayStation Store, you will want to continue with the essential level.

Ultimately, which is the best for you it is reduced to some things. Will you really play the oldest titles of the PlayStation consoles? However, it seems, if you tend to play only the new Titles of PS4 and PS5, it is possible that first-class membership is not worth the extra money.

It also depends on what is willing to pay every month / trimester / year for your subscription to PlayStation Plus. $ 119.99 a year is a lot of money, compared to $ 59.99 of the essential level. That’s twice the price, so if you’re not going to play many of those games, you can save some money here.

Finally, we still do not know what games there are in the catalog at the extra and premium levels out of a handful like Death Stranding, God of War, Spider-Man, Miles Morales, Mortal Kombat 11 and Return. That’s only six of the 400-740 titles for which he would be paying, and if he already paid (and he overcame), he could be worth waiting and seeing how the Game Library is seen before putting his cash.

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  • Unpacking will come to PlayStation 4 and 5 at some point in this spring
  • The new PlayStation Plus levels were announced by merging the subscription with PlayStation Now and offering many games and classics
  • Imp of the Sun Set for surprise launch on March 24 at PlayStation and Xbox
  • MediaTonic details the installation process of the PlayStation launcher by Fall Guys
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The new PlayStation Plus: You have to know that about the subscription

The time has come: Sony has released handproof details about the “PlayStation Plus” reboot. We reveal you what the new subscription models include and what changes for you from summer.

PlayStation Plus: These are the new models and prices

It is no secret The Sony has been working for some time a “Game Pass” alternative . Now the Japanese company has released details on the official PlayStation Blog. Thus, it is also clear what Gamer expects in the coming summer!

First of all, the streaming service PlayStation NOW is resolved and integrated into the new “PlayStation Plus” service. Instead of just a subscription, as that was the case, PlayStation users will have the choice between three subscription variants in the future:

1. PlayStation Plus Essential (8.99 euros per month)

  • This subscription corresponds to the previous “PlayStation Plus” model . So involves the online multiplayer, exclusive discounts in the store and monthly “free” games.

2. PlayStation Plus Extra (13.99 euros per month)

  • This subscription includes in addition to the essential variant over 400 ps4 and ps5 games , which you can download on your console.

3. PlayStation Plus Premium (17.99 euros per month)

  • This subscription includes all the advantages of the essential and extra variant, but also grant you access to more than 340 PlayStation classics from the PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP era. However, PS3 games will only be streamable.

'All-New PlayStation Plus' Subscription Tiers Explained - IGN Daily Fix

No First Party Games to Release

In contrast to the Xbox Game Pass, the new “PlayStation Plus” service is not included No first party games to the release . According to Playstation-Boss Jim Ryan, this strategy does not fit Sony (Source:

However, users of the extra and premium variant are access to (partially) relatively young PlayStation blockbuster . Among them, for example, Returnal and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

The new “PlayStation Plus” service should go to the start in June 2022 . First in Asia and following, North America and Europe follow.

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No team: Hallescher FC against Freiburg II canceled

SC Freiburg II - Hallescher FC | 11. Spieltag, 2021/2022 | MAGENTA SPORT
After four points from the last two games with the 1: 1 at Leader Magdeburg, Halle wanted to refill at home against the second representation of the SC Freiburg, but nothing becomes. “Due to several positive corona cases in the team, the Halleschen FC currently offers no applicant goalkeepers in the team,” did the club know. At the request of the HFC “after consultation with clubs”, the DFB has canceled the game on the basis of paragraph 15 of the implementing rules for the DFB play order. A catch-up date for the encounter of the 30th game day has not been terminated yet. Halle has lost only one of his last seven games (4/2/1) and thus with 36 points can settle from the descent z1. Neutling Freiburg also showed itself last form, has been undefeated since eight games (4/4/0) and has almost stopped with 42 meters of the league.

PlayStation Plus users warn about downloading a new free game

Later RedDit, PlayStation Plus users have warned about the download of one of the free PS plus games. For the third month of 2022, Sony offers PS PLUS subscribers in PS4 and PS5 a tasty line of games that includes fantasma tsushima: legends The cooperative multiplayer mode of tsushima_. That said, you may want to be careful when downloading this gift, as it can cause headache later.

More than one subscriber of PlayStation Plus has revealed that after downloading fantasma of tsushima: legends through PlayStation Plus, update the PS4 version of fantasma of tsushima to the PS5 Edition of the Director The version was not available, which by Assumption would mean that, instead of getting the PS5 version for $ 10, they would have to disburse the total price requested by the game.

Obviously, this is a mistake and, at the time of publication, it is not clear if it has been solved. That said, it has been revealed that the problem can be resolved through the PlayStation support, although, at this time, there is no guarantee that this happens. The user behind the original publication revealed in an update that the PlayStation Support was able to help them solve the problem, but if the PlayStation support is something, it is inconsistent. Therefore, until we have more information about whether this problem has been completely resolved or not, it may be better to avoid claiming Fantasma tsushima: Legends through PlayStation Plus if you plan up to update your version of fantasma tsushima director’s in ps5

(PS PLUS) Available to Download Now With Small Difference - PlayStation Plus Free Games March 2022
This problem is a byproduct of the complicated PlayStation update system for your games. While many developers and editors offer free PS4 to PS5 updates, PlayStation blocks these updates for your own games with $ 10 payment walls.

For more coverage especially with PlayStation, including the latest in PS4 and PS5, as well as the latest in PlayStation Plus, PlayStation Now and PlayStation VR, click here.

NBA News: Kevin Durant returns to the Brooklyn Nets against Miami Heat after injury

Kevin Durant stands after just under two months injury before his comeback at the Brooklyn Nets. The Forward was stopped by the team for the game against the Miami Heat in the night on Friday no longer listed on the Injury Report.

For this, the Nets on Twitter posted a picture of the 33-year-old with the heading “The Return”. Durant was injured on 15 January against the New Orleans Pelicans on the interior band and also missed the All-Star Game in Cleveland.

Overall, Durant missed 21 lots of the Nets, in this period the team just reach five victories. At times, twelve games were lost, currently the Nets are only available at a balance sheet of 32-31 and in eight of eight of the Eastern Conference. The residue on the last direct playoff place, which currently occupy Boston Celtics, is already 4.5 games.

Durant, after his interior violation, rose again after the all-star break in the training and was also present at most playing the Nets on the bank. If you believe your players believe, Durant should be in good shape again. “For me he does not look hurt,” said Forward Bruce Brown. “Honest, he looks really good.”

Articles and videos about the topic
* Lebron Sauer: “Do not tell me how to play” | NBA

Kevin Durant expected to return from injury, join Nets against Heat | CBS Sports HQ
* Experience the NBA live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

When KD was fit, he wore the team for most of the season. In 36 games, the forward on average set up 29.3 points, 7.4 rebounds and 5.8 assists, the Nets gained 24 games.

They find hundreds of sealed games of Nintendo and Sega

They Literally Found $100,000+ Of Video Games....!
GameRoom , a video game reseller, recently encountered hundreds of games of sega and nintendo sealed, which were simply abandoned in a warehouse at Nebraska, United States. Apparently, all these Games had stayed there after a local store will close its doors over there 1994.

In the video that we share you up here we can see gameRoom Showing some of the rare games of the collection, including Chrono Trigger in SNES , which is valued at $ 2 thousand 400 dollars. Of SNES We also see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time , valued at a thousand 400 dollars, Final Fantasy II at one thousand 200 dollars, and Sunset Riders at $ 750.

According to GamesRoom , no additional information about the total value of the collection until everything has been preserved and documented. It is worth noting that, if they manage to get official classifications for all these games, the value for some of them could double, triple or until quadruplices.

Last year, the opposite happened after a collector throws a bag in the trash with a value of $ 80 thousand dollars. Everything to save space.

Editor’s note: Video game collecting can be a fairly lucrative hobby, but it is important to keep the states of impeccable games. Of course, there is someone who collects without being thinking necessarily in selling them, but in case you have an old man and in good condition, it may be worthwhile to keep it that way.

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