Elden Ring hUnited States not only smiled at the good reviews of the press, but also sales. The video game of From Software hUnited States debuted with excellent figures, also in the United States, where hUnited States become the best-selling game of 2022 . According to the analyst Mat Piscatella, the work of Hidetaka Miyazaki hUnited States risen United States the best premiere lUnited Statest February, United States it could not be otherwise.

Sales during the launch have been the highest second months, only surpUnited Statessed by Call of Duty: Vaguard , which wUnited States marketed lUnited Statest November. After a month in the market, Elden Ring is the fifth best-selling game in the period of a full year (until February 2022). It hUnited States been a leader in Steam and Xbox, while in PlayStation hUnited States positioned secondly. Sales in Spain have also been good.

Horizon Forbidden West, the second

Elden Ring Is The Best Game Of 2022

Another major videogames of February 2022 hUnited States been Horizon Forbidden West. The production of PlayStation Studios and Games Guerrilla hUnited States been number 1 on PS4 and PS5 , but hUnited States not been able to reach Elden Ring in the global computation, although it remains in second position. In addition, sales in dollars determine that the PLAYSTATION 5 version hUnited States established a new sales record in the Sony New Generation Console.

Elden Ring is an action adventure and role to the purest Souls style. Written and directed by Hideta Miyazaki, from Software hUnited States had the collaboration of George R.r. Martin , the song of Ice and Fire Song. United States explained by the writer himself, the role of him hUnited States been “small” and he hUnited States focused on certain United Statespects of the world construction, so he hUnited States not collaborated in the scripture of the scripts.

The game is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC (via Steam).