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Author: Sheng Wu

Liga wrestles with its own beta version: Overwatch

It looked like a perfect tournament day for Florida Mayhem. The encounter against Paris Eternal was balanced, after two cards it was 1: 1. Thanks to an unusual strategy, the international selection clearly won the third round and was now in front.

@Paris Eternal vs @Florida Mayhem | Opening Weekend Week 1 Day 4

But the official tournament managers ordered a repetition of the round because Mayhem is said to have broken a rule with her strategy. This decision led to irritation in the team. They were also able to win the aftermath and thus decide the duel 3-1, but the decision remained opaque from the perspective of Mayhem.

confusion about spongy rules

The corresponding game was played on the newly integrated “Circuit Royal” card. Florida Mayhem players use special skills of the characters Mia and Symmetra to climb on a building. However, this should not actually be possible. With the overview, they had an easy game against the competitors of Paris Eternal, around the German support Emir ‘Kaan’ Okumus.

The game was rated by the officials as a reduced offense. According to regulations, “the exploitation of known errors is not allowed.” This guiding principle also includes “unknown exploits”. The decision was caused by the Florida Mayhem those affected.

“We really didn’t know that it was an exploit,” said head coach Jordan ‘Gunba’ Graham on Twitter. He criticized the regulations: “I think that this rule is very vague.”

Overwatch 2 is currently in the beta phase. Esporters not only have to memorize new cards and modes, but also get used to constant balance and meta changes. The violation of the standard could therefore not remain an isolated case.

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FC Bayern: Why Nianzou got only yellow

In Bielefeld, an actor of Bayern adds his opponent to his opponent by a violent arm of arms a head injury. However, he does not ask him the referee of the square, but his own coach. In Mönchengladbach, meanwhile, a Cologne for his “high leg” is rightly not concerned.

In the evaluation of the air purposes between Tanguy Nianzou and Fabian Kunze, who had been born in the game between Arminia Bielefeld and FC Bayern Munich (0: 3) after 44 minutes, the two head coaches were largely agreed after the final whistle. Both the Bielefelder Coach Frank Kramer and the Munich exercise leader Julian Nagelsmann found that the violent arm’s remedy of the central defender of Bayern would have been adequately punished in midfield with the red card. And that, since referees Matthias Jölenbeck had only pronounced a warning, they should have given an intervention of the video assistant Markus Schmidt, who had failed.

Nagelsmann had not taken Nanzou on the pause of the field and referred to as a “small educational measure”. “You have to learn as a bit more cautious,” he said. Kunze was treated after the hit on the head and throat minutes on the square and then replaced. “The only thing you may be able to ensure the Cologne Keller is that it was no impact movement,” says Nagelsmann at the press conference after the game. “The elbow is already outside, but he does not go into the duel with a lot of startup. But we can not complain if there is red.”

“Tool” or “weapon”?

That both coaches in their judgment match a decision of the impartial so is not the rule. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to analyze the reasons why the referee decided differently and the var has renounced an intervention. Undoubtedly, Nanzou wanted to reach the ball in the duel with Kunze, for this purpose he jumped on the ball and his opponent from the opposite direction. He missed the ball, but he met Kunze with the forearm and a part of the elbow on the side of the neck and head. The yellow card showed the favorably positioned referee Yöllenbeck without any hesitation.

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For years, the impartial in the evaluation of arms in air branches are based on whether the arm is more likely to be used as a “tool” or rather as a “weapon”. The latter is approximately at a stopping movement of the case, for example, for example, at 1. A role also plays whether the elbow tip is used – which can significantly increase the risk of injury – or the forearm, whether the face is hit or the neck and not least, how high the intensity of a hit is. The transition between “tool” and “weapon” can be fluent, so sometimes the discretion of the referee is in demand.

Red for Nianzou would have been the better decision

If Nianzous use is based on the so-called hit picture – a push in jump with the forearm against the neck and not a blow when picking up with the elbow against the head – then there is a discretion to the yellow card at least not as a clear and Obvious errors to rate the VaR forced to engage. The high intensity of the hit, on the other hand, and the sheer force of use are arguments for a field reference, which weighed heavily and made a red card for a better decision. Nianzou may have pretended to use his arm as a “tool”, but in the result he knew more than “weapon”.

And by the way, regardless of that Kunze had to be replaced. The impartial can not and should not wait for the penalty measurement whether an injury sequence results, but assess the risk of injury based on body use. This means that there is a red card for clearly brutal fouls even if the victim remains intact and can easily continue to play. However, it also means that an injury sequence does not necessarily lead to a field reference, provided that body use along the evaluation criteria such as strice picture and intensity does not clearly speak.

Tanguy Nianzou Is On Fire In Bayern Munich

Why Kainz ‘”Hot leg” was compliant

Sometimes, injury as a result of a dazon, it is not even a foul. As in the encounter of Borussia Mönchengladbach against 1 FC Cologne (1: 3) after 34 minutes in the run-up to the third goal of the guests. Since Florian Kainz had crossed his right leg at the sideline at the height of the midline in the duel with Matthias Ginter and brought on abdominal height, with the studs he reached the ball, which he played like his teammate Mark Uth. Ginter also reached his leg to the ball, but he came a bit late and missed him, instead he stepped from below against the leg of Kainz.

While the Cologne there was unimpressed and his team met a few seconds later to the 0: 3, the Mönchengladbacher was rolling on the lawn. Referee Deniz Aytekin gave the hit, but then the scene looked at the monitor after consultation with Var Sören Stors. However, he did not need long to conclude: the use of Kainz was conformed to Kainz, so the hit retains its validity. This decision was correct, it corresponds to the desired control design in such situations.

Aytekin explains and calms the minds

Accordingly, in duels in which the ball is basically playable for both players, can not be recognized on a dangerous game or on foul when a player with “long” or “high leg” goes into the duel, but clear to the ball is oriented and it also clearly plays before it may occur to a body contact with the opponent. That is: in situations where primarily on the amateur courts is asserted, the opponent has been misleading “held over the slippers” to get the ball, the impartials should still be able to continue playing the ball in controlled games of the ball.

That has rightly done Deniz Aytekin, the On-Field Review would not have been necessary. After returning from the monitor to the field, the referee explained both the coach of Gladbacher, Adi Hütter, as well as Matthias Ginter, who had to be treated why he did not decide on foul and recognized the gate. Of course, the referees are not obliged to such explanations. But by such transparency, if it allows the situation to calm down the minds. Exactly that was aytekin, who whistled this local duel for the fifth time – and it had again firmly under control.

Alex Fireherdt

Keanu Reeves was enthusiastic about the sexual modes of Cyberpunk 2077

Japanese cyberpunk refers to cyberpunk fiction produced in Japan. There are two distinctive subgenres of Japanese cyberpunk: live-action Japanese cyberpunk films, as well as cyberpunk manga as well as anime works. Japanese cyberpunk movie theater, likewise referred to as Extreme Japanese Cyberpunk, refers to a sub-genre of underground movie created in Japan, starting in the 1980s. It births some resemblance to the ‘low-life state-of-the-art’ cyberpunk, as recognized in the West, however it differs in its representation of commercial and metal imagery as well as an incomprehensible story. The major directors related to the Japanese cyberpunk motion are Shiny Tuamotu, Shown Fungi, and also Solo Ishim. The origins of the genre can be mapped back to the 1982 movie Burst City, prior to the category was primarily defined by the 1989 movie Tesco: The Iron Man. It has origins in the Japanese punk subculture, that developed from the Japanese punk music scene in the 1970s, with Solo Ishim’s punk movies of the late 1970s to very early 1980s presenting this subculture to Japanese movie theater and also leading the way for Japanese cyberpunk.
Japanese cyberpunk additionally refers to a subgenre of manga as well as anime collaborates with cyberpunk motifs. This subgenre started in 1982 with the debut of Mutsuhito Too’s manga collection Akira, with its 1988 anime film adaptation (which Too guided) later on popularizing the subgenre. Akira influenced a wave of Japanese cyberpunk works, including manga as well as anime series such as Ghost in the Shell, Battle Angel Anita, Cowboy Bebop, and Serial Experiments Lain. Cyberpunk anime and also manga have been influential on worldwide pop culture, motivating countless works in animation, comics, movie, music, television and also computer game.

Today, exactly one year ago since it was released cyberpunk 2077, and beyond the controversy, there were also other memorable moments of the game. As you probably know, Johnny Silver hand, The character played by Keanu Reeves, does not have romance options within the game, or at least not official.

The modern were responsible for changing this and from its first days in the market, there were already mods that allowed you to have sex with the character of Reeves. This did not do anything about grace to CD Project Red, those who took care of prohibiting these mods. But on the other hand, Reeves was enthusiastic about the idea.

Keanu Reeves to Silverhand Joytoy Mod in Cyberpunk 2077
In a new interview with The Verge, Reeves said he had not yet played Cyberpunk 2077, however, he was quite excited about the idea that people implemented mods inside the game for Have relationships with the character of him. When he learned that CPR had forbidden them, he was even disappointed.

Editor’s note: A year later, and CPR has not yet fixed Cyberpunk 2077. I say, the game is in a better state now that before, but there are still many things to do, especially as soon as to its new generation version.

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