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PlayStation 5: Rumor: PS5 Pro

According to the latest reports of Redgaming Tech, which were also played by, the PlayStation 5 per will be published against the end of 2023 at the earliest.

The PlayStation 5 Pro should provide the double performance of the current PS5 and offer a DLSS alternative. This alternative to NVIDIA Deep Learning Super Sampling (DLSS) and AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution (FSR) should have been developed by Sony itself. This proprietary technology should then be used in the PS5 Pro. Further details are not known.

Here is the further information about the alleged PlayStation 5 per model:

New Rumor Claims Sony Is Developing a PS5 Pro & PlayStation Handheld With Both Releasing By 2024

PlayStation 5 Pro

  • AMD Ryzen APU by TSMC (5 Nm or 4 Nm, unknown)
  • Double power of the GPU compared to PS5
  • PlayStation 2 VR compatible
  • Publication End 2023 / beginning 2024

Which design the Playstation 5 Pro will have also not mentioned. As with all rumors, you should perceive this information with outermost caution and a belonging pinch of skepticism.

DFB Bundestag: Too many cancellations for women

The Women’s Initiative Football can be more written in advance of the DFB Bundestag applications for amendment to the statute – but will not be able to contribute due to lack of support.

We have led many conversations, we were often signaled to be interested in our expertise, said initiator Katja Kraus in conversation with the new Osnabrücker Zeitung and the Main-Post. In the end, however, could always be abandoned.

The initiative can not contribute the applications formulated in terms of timely applications, only ordinary members of the Bundestag of the German Football Confederation are authorized. On March 11, the DFB chooses its new President, Bernd Neuendorf and the current co-interim president Peter Peters, as part of the event. It was not until December Football can be more proclaimed the waiver of a separate candidate after ripe consideration.

In its applications, the initiative calls for a women’s quota of 30 percent for leadership offices in DFB, a change in the delegate system and a double lace for the Office of the President. We urgently need change in a rapidly changing society, said Kraus, It’s about securing the future viability of football, sharing power to redefine leadership and bring together different perspectives and competences.

Lower Saxony’s Bundestag applicationss Minister Boris Pistorius, supporters of the initiative, also sees the need. Does the association take a new role in society, it also needs a commitment that seven million members can not only be represented by men, said the SPD politicians the two newspapers: To believe they could be on the competence of Women renounce, shows a certain hybris.


Kraus also announced the creation of a non-profit GmbH (gGmbH) with football can be more already in February. In this way, a contact point should be created, which supports, among other things, to succeed in the football business.

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