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Randale at Hansa Rostock: fans of FC St. Pauli describe terrible scenes

There are terrible pictures of the second league duel between Hansa Rostock and FC St. Pauli. Pyrotechnics, escalating fan violence, threesful policemen. There is little left of an attractive football game. Instead, fans report after the game of utter escalation, fear and anger.

The background: During the duel between Hansa Rostock and the FC St. Pauli escalated the situation. Fans of both teams had gathered behind the southern curve of the Baltic Sea Stadium and proved each other with pyrotechnics. The police attacked and urged the rioters back to their stadium ranges.

In the stadium of Hansa Rostock is the Ultras block right next to the guest block. This evening of a risk game escalated quickly.

A female St. Pauli fan described the situation on the blog “Millernton” like this: “The corridor to the toilet was henzlig. It was fierce against the partitions, in such a mad volume, that one thought that they were born soon. Additionally If light trays and Böller were thrown back on the current band, which also arrived directly in front of the ladies’ loo, so that we have gone up there first. The Böller did not stop first. We did not come out the whole half-time break. At some point the police came But then did not let us back in the block. Complete escalation. “

FC HANSA ROSTOCK-St. Pauli 1:0 die Schei**e kommt vom Millerntor *sing
Since the game was played just 45 minutes.

Massive criticism of the police

After the game it was apparently even worse. The fans of the hamburgers were gathered behind the guest block, the gates closed to the outside, the trailers waited from FC St. Pauli in icy cold on the bus.

So the police Rostock wanted to prevent the meeting of the fanglers. But it hails criticism of the Pauli fans. As it means in the report on the blog “Millernton”, came back to the walls and Böller flew into the waiting amount of guest fans.

“I’ve been experiencing a lot, but to be exposed to such Böllers and can not really move, was really fiercely. The police simply did not open the gate despite these Böllerwürfen. Instead, water windows were used against both sides. And then, then, After a felt eternity, a very small gate was open at the end of the row. From there we came to a bigger place, on which one felt a bit safer and was not so tight anymore. “

The police Rostock justified the procedure against the fans so: “Through consistent intervention of the police, a direct meeting could be prevented. After the part of the game, the fishing groups tried again in the stadium. Repeatedly, the fan bearings shocked each other with pyrotechnics. Through strong police presence and The use of the water windanger larger riots could be prevented. “

The police belongs to preventing greater problems prevented. That should see the hamburgers differently. “So in the end, anger, incomprehension and questions: how could something like that happen?”

After this game, the police have rostock and the fans definitely work up a lot. Also, the question of why such risk game was scheduled for an evening. The only halfway good news: Stand now no fan has obviously hurt. But in these pictures and reports that was probably pure happiness.


Lothar Matthew takes BVB

BVB total! #echteLiebe | TV total

Borussia Dortmund has ensured for some peace in the club environment by the 6-0 ridge victory against Borussia Mönchengladbach for the time being. However, the next directional match is imminent. The pressure on BVB coach Marco Rose is thus still big. Record National Player Lothar Matthäus sees first and foremost the team in the bringing debt.

3: 2, 2: 5, 3: 0, 2: 4, 6: 0: Borussia Dortmund experienced a change in the feelings in the past five competitions. Time to breathe away remains the BVB but not. Already on Thursday (21 clock live at RTL and RTL +) stands for the Black Yellow the Europa League second leg against the Rangers from Glasgow on the program.

The Bundesliga club has to make the 2-4 mortgage from the first duel. If the miracle absent, BVB continues to threaten uncomfortable times. In general, coach Marco Rose currently has to ask many uncomfortable questions. Lothar Matthäus does not see the 45-year-old as a major debt for the youngest crisis.

“As far as this team is concerned, I am rather involved the players and their view of performance,” Matthew defended the BVB coach in his “Sky” column: “I’m sure Marco Rose and his team offer everything When it comes to analyzing the opponent, to give the players the tool to the hand, explain everything to you down to the last detail what you have to do in the square. “

“At the end are adult men on the field…”

If the team does not implement the specifications at regular intervals at all, “then it is not always at the coach,” the TV expert made his view clearly.

At the 6-0 success against Gladbach, BVB showed on Sunday from his positive side. However, there is a lack of Dortmundern on the necessary constancy, as Matthäus held.

“Of course, the coach is asked that a team has to give the feeling that she can do that. But in the end, there are adult men in the field, which must also be ripping themselves at the belt, to deliver at week for week,” analyzed the World Champion of 1990. Matthäus’ conclusion: “Dortmund can do that, but it’s too rare.”

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