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“Sky Rim” MOD competition is already sorry? Tools that understand the influence of MOD on the map are released

Open World RPG “ Skyrim ( The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim )” has appeared where MODs are working on the map appeared.

The tool “Skyrim ModMapper” published by Dactyl will find out where MODs that exist on the MOD Shared Sites Nexusmods are “Skylim” map. For example, you can see MOD “Majestic Mountains” that cleans the mountain graphics, and you can see the mountainous area where MOD is reflected.

Skyrim Mods: The Tools of Kagrenac - Part 1

Using this tool, in addition to checking the conflict to some extent before deploying the MOD, it is known that MOD’s competitive substance is represented by the color, so it also knows which region has been modified. It may be inevitable that the big city is displayed in a red, but you can see where the large rivers and so on are red dyed red. PC Gamer is analyzed that this is “Skylim” MOD community priority to make this “smooth flow and realistic water.”

If you have introduced Vortex Extension, a formula manager of NexusMods, select “See On Modmapper” from the menu that appears when you right-click MOD from the list to display the area where MOD is affecting. You can also check the competitors in your MOD environment simply by dragging and dropping the data folder.

“Skyrim ModMapper” is released in a browser. Currently covering only major spaces, it is also said to be working on expansion within buildings and urban areas.

Munter Test in Amsterdam: Eriksen meets the national team

For the first time in the Oranje jersey between the posts Stand Freiburg’s fleckken. In the Danish Startelf, Lindström (Frankfurt), Wind (Wolfsburg) and Poulsen (Leipzig) had three actors employed in Germany. In addition, Eriksen was for the first time since his cardiac arrest at the Euro 2020 again in the matchday gadder.

Flanks as a means of choice

The Netherlands caught the better start and could record the first goal shots of the game. Bergwijn was closest to eleven minutes, but failed with the foot but still flattering. The keeper had four minutes later, however, as Bergwijn headed a flank of blind in the stitches (16th). The Danes answered promptly with the same scheme: Vestergaard rose up in the penalty area and met by head to 1: 1.

Then the guests breathed after Berghuis did not accept an invitation of the Danish defensive (22nd) – and still had to accept a setback: Delaney violated the calf and could not continue (24.). The third header goal fell after a crowd half an hour: this time aké was the spot and nodded the ball into the net (29.). But it came worse for the guests: Goal scorer Vestergaard came into his own penalty area too late into the duel and caused a penalty, the Depay turned 3-1 (37.).

Also Poulsen injured out – Eriksen comes to the break

Fairy-tale! World React to Christian Eriksen Scoring First Touch on Return Netherlands v Denmark 4-2

Shortly before the break, Kasper Hjulmand had to react a second time a second time because Poulsen had injured his bar. The Leipziger was replaced by Skov Olsen. The coach brought the coach next to Kristensen then Eriksen, who started again for the first time since his cardiac arrest at the Euro 2020 in the national jersey and under Applause of the whole stadium – including Oranje coach Louis van Gaal – entered the field.

And the joker was allowed to cheer directly: Eriksen was not two minutes on the field when he was fell alone in the back of the back and nailed the ball into the Kreuzeck (47.). In the episode, the Netherlands again took over the initiative, Berghuis (53.) and Depay (62nd) failed in the safe flattering. However, the keeper had to reach behind a fourth time, because Bergwijn got a lot of room in the penalty area and the ball to 4: 2 in the long corner Schlten (71.).

Eriksen meets the post – third injury to Denmark

Even after the sixth goal, both teams did not break the total pace and continued to play forward. Eriksen missed the double pack only narrowly with a worthwhile post shot (74.), marriage Huhhuis awarded on the other side (79.). Then the third Dane left injury due to injury: Mehle remained outside after a collision with Dumfries for a precondition. But because the change quota was already exhausted, the guests completed the last few minutes.

And too tenth Denmark made a good figure. Skov Olsen even came to the last chance of playing the game (90. + 3) in the long aftermath, but it stayed at 4: 2.

Both teams still have a test match in front of the chest on Tuesday: Denmark receives Serbia at 6pm, the Netherlands plays at 20.45 pm (Live! At posts Stand) against the German national team.

SSV Reutlingen: Drain pressure in a precarious location

Success reports are special balm for the wound soul at SSV Reutlingen these days. After an autumn where the former second division stayed in the meantime nine games without defeat, the year 2022 began in the timely direction: a point from five games. On Wednesday, Googäger Onesi Kuengienda extended his contract until 2023, added to the U-19 striker Jan-Christian Küfuß continued to bound to the club. “I am a real Reutlinger, so I am pleased to be part of the new project at the crossing,” says Kuengienda, who already met seven times this season and continues to give as a guide player with 29 years as a guide players.

Back to the athletic presence: To make matters to the fact that you had to play 2022 against the two heavyweights of Stuttgart clubs (0: 1) and SGV Freiberg (0: 3), a massive injury duty comes: “Against Freiberg we only had nine gentlers, the rest we had to fill up from the U 19, “says Christian Grießer, board sports at the crossing. Which is not, even if you would like to lend the game against Freiberg, but the opponent did not want to get involved.

Anyway, the U 19 of the SSV, which has good opportunities for a promotion to the Bundesliga as a leaders of the A-Junior Oberliga, is becoming more and more developing into a source of hopeful young talents. Of course, something bigger clubs, which in contrast to Reutlingen have a young talent center, also falls on, but the example of Foot shows that one or the other despite all desires begins his mens career in Reutlingen.

The “like” is crucial

“We are a training course,” underlines the grid and wants to lead the club in small, for sustainable steps. Addressed to the environment, which still has a very lively fans scene and may possibly be impatient at too small steps, the sports board says almost a bit irritated: “I do not think of these three-year plans. What do you do if you do not do the goals achieved? Then you can repeat everything again. ” Of course, for GRIßer, however, is that he would like to climb with the SSV, but the “like” is crucial whether the club is organizationally prepared. “Only with volunteers will not go in the Regionalliga.” In other areas, the club is already top: “We have a good infrastructure, especially with the stadium. This also attracts players. And the fans scene is unique, such a scene in the league only have the Stuttgart clubs in the league.”

25.02.2022 / SSV Reutlingen - Stuttgarter Kickers 0:1 / Stadion an der Kreuzeiche (Reutlingen)

The club wants to do it in the men’s area similar to youth. Years ago, the maxim was also to play with all youth teams as possible in the highest league, and now after five, six years, the seed seems to rise so slowly. “We do not make a time pressure,” says Grußer, who wants to avoid diligence, prefer a false hopes to the environment, though he knows: “The region is thirsty for higher-class football.”

The clear goal is the Oberliga, because I do not know if 6. League would be possible so easily.

Christian Grußer, board sport

No quick shots, no actionism, for the clear commitment to continuity. However, these brilliant goals could be placed on a hard test in the course of the season, because the SSV is only two points above the descent zone and coach Maik Schütt has already announced his farewell to the end of the season. Will not there be a premature coach change required, it must be directed in the decisive weeks of one from the category “Firefighter”? “Our wish is to finish the season with Maik Schütt. We are convinced of him, his training and his analyzes are good,” says Griießer. A double-edged sword, so it sounds at least then, because on the one hand, the backing for Schütt is supposed to have an impact on the more and more adhering relegation battle, on the other hand, GRIßer says: “The clear goal is the Oberliga, because I do not know if 6, League so readily feasible. ” Finally, the club lives very much from the encouragement of his viewers. Sliding into the association league would be counterproductive. The hopes are now on the fact that the lazaret is at least somewhat. “We still have a few long-term injured,” said GRIEGER.

The contract conclusions with Kuengienda and Both Foot show that the new season is already planned intensively. Highest priority has therefore also to find a new coach from summer. “The players want to clarify, of course,” says Grider. With a promulgation is expected by next week at the latest. Previously, the away game at the basement competitor Sportfreunde village feature is waiting: “That will not be nice games, now it’s about scratching and biting,” says the Reutlinger’s board of the Extendous tasks and still sounds happy that his club’s chunks from Stuttgart -Degerloch and Freiberg has already brought behind in the game plan.

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