The CB Nation team analyzes the She-Hulktrailer and Daredevil MCU series in Disney+. We argued whether or not Halo The Series complied with its end of season 1, and we discussed which television program DC Arrowverse we would save. In addition: New DC and Marvel comics reviews and anime/manga summaries!

Did Halo The Series Deliver? / MCU Daredevil and She-Hulk Trailer Discussion (Episode 4x20)

Although Halo Finale was divisive for the presenters of the program, the general execution of season 1 has been divisive for both fans, casual spectators and even for the cast and creators of the program. Halo’s executive producer, Kiki Wolfkill, approached the low points of season 1 and asked fans to keep faith in season 2:

“My hope is that we can all overcome that and see where we end with Chief and John in the second season,” said Wolfkill. Deadline. “I firmly believe that we have an incredible story to have him and we will continue to do so, and sometimes, as we know with Silver Timeline, it will be different from what we have seen before. It’s like a character as much as Master Chief and John is completely the same.

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