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Real Madrid: Jersey for the season 2022/23 Jellact

Real Madrid apparently relies on a classic color combination in its home jersey for the coming season 2022/23 – which was quite successful in the past.

In any case, this suggests a leak that the usually well-informed portal footyheadlines published on Monday night.

Thus, the Blancos are traditionally incurred in the Santiago Bernabeu in the next season in Santiago Bernabeu in a predominantly white shirt. Longitudinally, several bright, wide strips, which are each interrupted several times by the logo of the Spanish record champion.

Real Madrid: Jellaked jersey with stand-up collar

While the logos and lettering of suppliers adidas and jersey sponsor Emirates are kept in black, the three adidas stripes on the shoulders for the color blob on the new real jersey: they are kept in a bright purple and remind designs from the late 1990s and 2000s.

Similarly, for example, the design of the jersey at the Champions League victory against Juventus 1998 (1: 0) looked. In 2016/17, the Real Stars also ran in the Triumph in the Champions League final against Juventus (4: 1) in complete violet shirts. In said combination on the home jersey, however, these colors have not existed for more 14 years.

Leaked Football Kits for the 2022/23 season including Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich and more
In addition, it comes in the coming season to return the stand-up collar. This can be closed with a white button. In addition, a black and a violet strip is applied at the lower end of the collar.

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IKEA: Never again snake are at the cash register thanks to new app

Dot Bears Shopping is a shopping center situated in the Portent area of Saavedra, in the city of Buenos Aires. It was opened in May 2009, as an advancement that reformulated the concept of Shopping mall, far from the Large Boxes, and also with a combined usage, including a workplace structure together, plus a style with a dynamic front of excellent visibility and an atrium treated landscape on General Method Pay. Its location is strategic because of its easy access, to be located near Saavedra Bridge and being part of the location referred to as Frying pan-American Node General Pay, at the crossways of General Pay Avenue as well as the Frying Pan American Freeway.

Finally, more time for hot dogs after shopping: With a new feature in the app from IKEA, long waiting times should be unnecessary at the cash register. But something surprised.

Germany — with the new function Shop & Go in the app IKEA wants to make the purchase for his customers clearly stress-free: the payment in the furniture store should go even faster using the app. In five branches, the concept is already tested. In the summer of 2022, the superfast payment should already be possible throughout Germany. IKEA app knows what the new feature in the IKEA app can.

IKEA offers new payment variants about the app: Shop & Go should shorten waiting times

Already with the express and SB funds, the furniture giant had an end to the finish at the end of the purchase. But just at peak times, for example on Saturdays, the long queue at the cash register is still part of the shopping experience IKEA in many branches. No problem, if you plan to celebrate an overnight stay at IKEA because of a snowstorm anyway, as the Kreiszeitung.DE reports. In all other cases but often boring and annoying.

About the new feature Shop & Go the app now offers IKEA another payment variant: All items can already be scanned during the shopping in the furniture stores via the app and then be paid to the SB funds, reported Gig.DE. Without that everything has to be taken out of the car again. In the app, customers always see the amount to be paid for all items already in the shopping cart and scanned.

And that’s exactly what the waiting times could be shortened at the cash register, if not dissolving. For, although the already known SB funds should make the payment much faster, it often hopes the lengthy scanning of the articles to the SB funds themselves (more service news on IKEA app ).

IKEA-APP gives customers overview: were already shopping when shopping

Because so far all the articles, which were previously placed gradually in the shopping cart (or the IKEA bag), had to be detected again from the car, scanned, scanned and placed in a specially designated tray. A process that is to spare users of the Shop & Go app thanks to the new function. In NRW the feature is not usable so far, but in five furnishings houses (Berlin-Tempelhof, Dresden, Frankfurt Nieder-Eschbach, Hamburg-Moorfleet, Karlsruhe) is already available Shop & Go according to IKEA Germany.

Video: Prices at IKEA: That’s why you will probably rise 2022

Another advantage of the app: According to Gig.DE, the app offers customers an overview of how much you need to pay for the articles at the end of the purchase. The surprise effect after buy only a few tealights 300 euros to pay, could be remained in the future. For this, the app was already completely redesigned in the summer of 2021.

New function in the IKEA app: Pay via QR code


To use the function of the app, customers have to scan a QR code at the beginning of their shopping in the furniture store. At the end of the purchase, another QR code is generated by the app to scan customers at an SB budget and then start the payment process.

However, as GIG.DE knows, it is not possible to pay directly via the app — which would accelerate the payment process again for many times. But here further the detour via one of the SB funds is necessary. Also, whoever is still divided and would like to pay at a cash register with cashier, can not accelerate the payment process with the QR code generated by the app — all articles must then be laid on the tape of the cashiers.

But that also has something good, explains Miriam Arndt, Manager at IKEA Germany in a message: We will continue to choose our customers: whether conventional cash register, express box or shop & go — our customers want to pay how to pay their IKEA purchasing. IKEA app and Kreiszeitung.DE are part of the editorial network

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