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Lost Ark: Save a unique Raptor

Who is Prime customer at Amazon, was able to secure two item packages for Lost Ark and thus get boxes with combat articles, amethyse splitters, a pet and a few days of crystalline aura. For a short time, the third package is now available via Prime Gaming – and it’s the most exciting so far!

Chic Raptor mount for Lau

The current package for Lost Ark consists of five days of crystalline aura, 500 amethysts splitter and the silver combat faptor (see picture above). You can secure these items until 03. May 2022. These end up after picking up prime gaming in your product inventory in the game.

By the way, the amethystsplitter can be used to his mysterious man in one of the capitals. This is also titled as exchange NPC for amethyst fragments. For example, you can receive the following offers for fragments for the dealer:

  • 14 days crystalline aura for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Relationship follow-up chest (3 epic relationship chairs) for 2,200 amethysts splitter
  • 3 x fighting objects for 2,200 amethysts splitter
  • Pheon chest for 2,200 amethysts splitter
  • Arkesia paper mask skin for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Companion tricks for trick, clipping and whimpering for 6,600 amethysts splitter

  • Ship Skin for 6,600 amethysts splitter

  • Emote star dance for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Sail-skin for 6,600 amethysts splitter
  • Companion selection chest for 13,200 amethysts splitter
  • Legendary emoticon package for 13,200 amethysts splitter

  • Riding Golden Warwolf for 22,000 amethysts splitter

Lost Ark - Wish I Knew Sooner | Tips, Tricks, & Game Knowledge for New Players

What’s up to Via Prime Gaming?

Of course, Prime Gaming has not only for Lost Ark (now buying 19.99 €) Great Goodies in the luggage. For Hearthstone there’s a random legendary standard card, for Overwatch you can secure a Golden Lootbox and for New World is the skin package “West Harmonist” ready for pickup – and these are just a few examples. You can also secure full versions such as The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion or the Special Edition by Monkey Island 2.

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Battlefield 2042 Leaker explains what happened with the great feature that was missing

Xbox Series is Microsoft’s Ninth Generation Consoles array including the Xbox Series X as well as Xbox Series, created and also produced by Microsoft, output November 10, 2020, 4th and also last generation of Xbox gaming consoles, they are successful at Xbox One. The Xbox Series X is announced at E3 2019, while the Xbox Series is introduced on September 9, 2020. The Xbox Series are based upon a tailored AMD Zen 2 processor, with material assistance for Ray tracing. The Xbox Series X is the most powerful version, offered at 499 EUR, integrating a disk drive as well as a 1 TB SSD while the Xbox Series S is a model without hard disk, less powerful, consisting of a 512 GB SSD recommended at 299 EUR at launch.

A respectable battle-the filter has revealed what happened with a great feature that was rumored that it was in the new battle of battle 2042 game but did not end up doing it in the final version of the game. According to the filter, the function finally ended up being too ambitious and, to be fair, it sounded ambitious, but it was the rumors that contributed to the great amount of advertising the game at a time. Time battle 2042 launched with a moan due to the lack of functions, performance problems and design failures, there was a great stir earlier, and that is partly because the game painted by the rumors sounded much better that the final product.

All features missing from Battlefield 2042 Beta from previous games

In a moment of this year, there were reports that I was going to have a massive level of destruction that, for example, would allow players to completely tear off skyscrapers and other massive buildings. According to a new report of the aforementioned privileged information, Tom Henderson, this was the intention, but at some point during development, he said to reduce this ambition to the product that we have today, which has a level of destruction similar to that of the Games Previous.

«Cut content / too ambitious due to hardware limitations in what they were trying to achieve with the little time they had, Henderson said when asked what happened with the ability to completely destroy skyscrapers and other buildings that were reported Before the launch of the game.. With luck, if you return to 64 smaller players and maps in a future entrance, it will be possible».

If this is true, it is obviously disappointing, but as Henderson says, it could also be done in the future. However, until this happens, do not bet on that and take everything here with a grain of salt, since it is all information about the unofficial variety.

Battle 2042 is available via Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PC, PS4 and PS5. For more information about the subscription service, including the latest news, rumors, leaks and speculation, click here or, alternatively, in the links listed below:

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