The New England Patriots just lost the Super Bowl. This was due to a completely unsuccessful last move, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers winning in the NFL with a stunning defeat of Tom Brady. The play-offs are in danger and Brady is stunned by this defeat.

The question that the NFL university ought to have asked itself all on Sunday evening: What was that?!.
The battle in between the Las Vegas Raiders and the New England Patriots appeared to be headed for overtime.
What took place then could barely think even the victorious Raiders.

Throughout the last play, the Patriots ran the ball seconds over Rhamondre Stevenson seconds prior to completion.


But instead of going to the ground after 23 lawns and with it, the running back chosen to throw a laterally to the right to Jacobi Meyers.
The receiver satisfied a much more major decision-and tossed another lateral pass in the middle towards Quarterback Mac Jones.

That was probably the craziest end that I ever attended.

Raiders coach Josh McDaniel.
Defender Chandler Jones captured the egg, safeguarded a reasonably pitiful attempt at Tackle by the Patriots playmaker and ran over 48 backyards to the incredulously acclaimed 30:24 success into the end zone.
It was probably the craziest end that I have ever attentive, stated Raiders coach Josh McDaniel after his veteran teacher Expense Belching.
Previously, the Raiders had actually given up the video game after a 17: 3 half-time lead.
Only a 30-yard touchdown pass from Derek Carr on Keenan Cole 32 seconds prior to the end guaranteed the equalization.
Cole seemed to be turning up in the left corner of completion zone with a foot in the end, but since the referees did not have sufficient clear clues, the touchdown stood up to the review.
Bitter for the Patriots: Due to the defeat, they slipped out of the play-off ranks in the AFC with a 7: 7 balance.

Giants win after controversial choices.

The New York city Giants ended their drought in the late game with a 20:12 success in the division battle with the Washington Commanders, which is very crucial for the play-offs.
According to choices against the Commanders in the final stage, nevertheless, he came into being incredibly questionable.
Do not ask me about the referees, stated a consumed Commanders coach Ron Rivera.
His group only has a wafer-thin lead over the pursuers in the NFC play-off race.
The Dallas Cowboys, on the other hand, are safe in the knockout round despite the overtime defeat in Jacksonville.

Brady’s Ball losses are expensive.

Once again, Tom Brady need to have been consumed.
In spite of the meantime 17-0 lead, Tampa Bay lost 23:34 versus the Cincinnati Bengals.
The Buccaneers made a total of 4 ball losses, 3 of them went to Brady’s account.
In the weak NFC South, Brady & Co. with a record of 6: 8 (!) Still in 1st location (and would therefore be gotten approved for the play-offs).
Carolina Panthers, New Orleans Saints and Atlanta Falcons (all 5: 9) prowl simply behind.
On the first Christmas holiday, there is now a guest look at the Arizona Cardinals, which have said bye-bye to the play-off race by 15:24 in Denver.
We still have three video games to save the season, said Head Coach Todd Bowles.