Chungcheongnam-do (Governor Kim Tae-hyun) announced on the 19th that it will promote the development of the regional e-sports industry with the goal of attracting the Rolled Cup in 2028.

Chung recently established an e-sports mecca and planned to promote the game industry.
Chung will foster games and esports as a future new growth engine to complete the ‘digital capital’.
The goal is to strengthen the competitiveness of the 365-day stadium, △ e-sports and game industry competitiveness, and △ 30 Tips unicorn companies.
Tips-type unicorn companies refer to more than 1 billion won in corporate value.

The construction of e-sports permanent stadiums will be promoted.
The stadium is located in the Jiangsu Special Zone in ANSI near San Station.
The total project cost is 18 billion won, which is composed of 3 billion won and DOB of 15 billion won.
The site purchase fee is provided separately.
There are two rooms, including 500 main stadiums, 50 seats and 100 seats.
The main stadium is built as a complex facility that can be held by the Global Conference.

Currently, Chung is conducting a feasibility study and research service to build e-sports stadiums.
Design and deliberation in 2023 will be completed, construction in 2024 will be completed and completed in early 2025.
The opening target schedule is June 2025.

Chung has planned a season and non-season plan to revitalize the local e-sports’ industry.
In the season, it will be operated as an academy and e-sports professional team support project, and in the non-season, the professional team will be transformed into a global boot camp that can be trained for the next season.

In addition, Chung will promote local ointment agreements with professional game teams.
An official from Chung explained, We plan to establish a detailed plan by referring to other cases of other local governments such as Susan.

Chung is going to attract esports competitions.
2024 National Presidential BAE Amateur e-Sports Competition Finals, 2026 International e-Sports Federation (ESF) of the 2026 e-Sports World Chapter, 2027 Limited by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (CEA), 2028 League
The goal is to attract the Legend World Championship.
The regular league will be divided into youth competitions and office workers.


The Chung e-sports and game industry revitalization promotion team is also formed.
The promotion team will include game companies such as NC soft, Aka Games, Nixon, and Crampon, and specialized institutions such as the Korea Content Agency, and the Korea Internet Business Association.
They will cooperate overall cooperation to foster the game industry, such as developing new games, developers, youth education, local content distribution, network and infrastructure linkage in Chung.

Governor Kim Tae-hyun recently met with officials and Internet companies in the game and Internet companies.
The global game market is also growing at 282 trillion won this year, and the game industry is leading the game industry as the fourth-largest market share. In Chung, Chung is building e-sports stadiums and fostering customized digital talent with game companies with game companies.
I will lead the future.