For the fourth consecutive time, a FIFA game hit the C8 World Cup champion.
With Argentina’s victory over France on Sunday (18), the FIFA 23 simulator proved to be right by nailing which selection would be the winner of the World Cup, repeating the hits of the EA Sports games in the 2010 World Cups, 2014
and 2018, when Spain, Germany and France were, respectively, champions.
Shortly before the World Cup began, EA released a World Cup simulation within FIFA 23 and predicted that Argentina would be world champion, but in a final against azil, after beating France in the semifinals
The final between azil and Argentina, however, was born of a mistake.
The simulator predicted that the two South American teams would be leaders in their respective groups, but disregarded that in this scenario, azil and Argentina would face each other in the semifinals if they followed advancing, as they would be on the same side of the key.
From this error, several impossible crosses occurred, such as Argentina and France staring at the semifinals and Messi’s team beat Mbappé’s team 1-0. In practice, however, the duel between the teams was much more exciting, with the game
ending 3-3 after extension and with Argentina’s 4-2 victory on penalties.


Despite hitting the champion, the FIFA simulator also made several mistakes, such as putting azil and Portugal as semifinalists and underestimating Morocco.

In the simulation, the African selection, which fell only in the semifinal, would not even be from the group stage.
Still, the EA simulator has been reliable at least when it comes to pointing out the great World Cup champion, and will have one more chance to hit a type forecast by 2026.