Biathlon is a type of winter sport where athletes compete in cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Norway has been dominant in this sport for many years, winning about 70% of all medals.

Thomas Arjuna (Finland) +45.7/ 2;… 16. David Nobel (Garmisch-Partenkirchen) +1: 31.7/ 2.
Johannes Thingies BO 599 points, Second Stella Hold Lachlan (both Norway) 565, 3. Johannes Dale (Norway) 273, 8th Quentin Dillon Millet (France) 270, 9. Johannes Kuhn (Rat I’m Winkle) 83,… 34.

At the start of the mass in Le Grand-Bornand in French, Benedict Doll took seventh put on Sunday at the Norwegian triple success of Johannes Dale (2 shooting errors), Stella Hold Agreed (2) and Johannes Thingies BO (3).

The German men ended the very first trimester with a total of five podia.
Doll made two errors and came to Dale with a gap of 25.8 seconds, who won his very first win of the season.
His colleagues Roman Sees (16th), Justus Strew (18th) and David Nobel (19th) had nothing to do with the decision.

route better prepared

Compared to the previous day, when the icy surface had triggered resentment in the persecution, the path was much better prepared once again.
Doll slipped up in the first recovery, which threw him back.
The 32-year-old worked forward once again.
But with another charge round, he has forgotten the opportunity to put pressure on the strong rivals from Norway.
I desired to do it too precisely on the swan song and dropped it off again, however I’m really very satisfied, said Doll in the ARD interview.
World Cup in Annecy/France guys, 15 km mass start
Johannes Dale (Norway) 35: 02.2 min./ 2 Chief.;
2. Stella Hold Agreed (Norway) +0.3 seconds/ 2;
3. Johannes Thingies BO (Norway) +10.6/ 3;
4. Fabien Claude (France) +17.2/ 3;
5. Title Shasta Christiansen (Norway) +19.1/ 3;
6. Tanja BO (Norway) +20.6/ 2;
7. Benedict Doll (Branch) +25.8/ 2;
8. Sebastian Stalker (Switzerland) +31.8/ 0;
9. Filip Field Andersen (Norway) +40.9/ 2;
10. Thomas Arjuna (Finland) +45.7/ 2;… 16. Roman Sees (Berried) +1: 13.1 minutes.
18. David Nobel (Garmisch-Partenkirchen) +1: 31.7/ 2.
Stood in the guy’s general World Cup after 8 out of 21 races.
Johannes Thingies BO 599 points, 2nd Stella Hold Lachlan (both Norway) 565, 3. Title Shasta Christiansen (Norway) 285, 5.
Sweden) 273, 7. Johannes Dale (Norway) 273, 8th Quentin Dillon Millet (France) 270, 9. Sebastian Samuelson (Sweden) 265, 10. Filip Field Andersen (Norway) 258, 11. Benedict Doll (Branch) 249.


David Nobel (Partenkirchen) 170, 18. Johannes Kuhn (Rat I’m Winkle) 83,… 34.
Philipp Na wrath (Nesselwang) 67,… 49. Philipp Horn (Frankenstein) 22.