The article starts with a short introduction to the background of the plea. General Athanasios Santos, one of the lawyers representing a group of Cypriot clubs, has held his final plea in front of European Court of Justice (ECG). The group’s last chance is to set up a professional club competition structure that would be compatible with EU law.


In the legal dispute over the intro and structure of a Super League there was a type of initial choice: General legal representative Santos from Greece holds FIFA/UEFA guidelines that make all brand-new competitors depending on prior approval, with the Union’s competition law.
Top clubs, which in the future likewise wish to play in a super league outside the existing association construct, would need to obtain authorization beforehand.
And that is nearly difficult.
Particularly, Santos recommends the court: The competitors guidelines of the Union restrict FIFA and UEFA, its member associations or its nationwide leagues not to threaten the associations coming from these associations if these clubs participate in a project to establish a brand-new competition.
In 80 to 90 percent of the cases, the ECG follows the recommendations of the basic legal representative.

UEFA and FIFA may exclude clubs

In April 2021, twelve associations had actually revealed the establishment of a new club competition, the Super League.
After enormous resistance from associations, clubs and fan scenes, numerous clubs had actually withdrawn from the job.
Just Juventus Turin, FC Barcelona and Genuine Madrid, had actually submitted a lawsuit in front of a Madrid court because they had grumbled about the monopoly position of the associations.
Santos now thinks that the restrictions that are anchored in the FIFA statutes work with the EU’s competition law.
These limitations would have to be proportionate and the unique features of sport– in terms of material, there is absolutely nothing in terms of material from Canto’s application.

UEFA welcomes the statement

Santos states: Union law does not contravene the reality that the statutes of FIFA and UEFA supply that the facility of a brand-new Europe-wide football competition are subjected to a system of previous approval.

In plain language: UEFA and FIFA might omit clubs from their competitions when they compete in the Super League.
The UEFA invited Santos’ statement.
It is an encouraging action to continue to safeguard the existing association and league structure.
This reinforces the protective role of the associations for sport, and football in Europe is opposed to the Super League and other formats beyond the existing competitors.
The ECA Club Association also positioned Santos’ entries favorably.