Wolfsburg got a new managing director. Marcel Schaefer succeeds Jörg Schmidt, who has been in office for six years and will hand over the reins with one and a half months to go.

On January 1st, the transfer window opens, most likely last for Jörg Schmidt, who, after 22 years of work as a football manager at the end of January, will take over the end.


His time in wolfsburg absolutely ends, after four and a half years, the 58-year-old, who was most recently on a scouting trip in South America, hands over the baton to Marcel Schaefer, whom he has almost trained considering that 2018.
It is my last transfer period, emphasizes Schmidt, who, naturally, does not just offer his successor more obligation.
This is a progressive process that has actually been occurring for around two years.
In time, Schmidt ended up being a buddy, observer, advisor, if it needed to be a corrective.
A time when shepherd grew to the brand-new strong man at VFL.
Jörg offered me a growing number of obligation to give me space to develop and establish myself, he emphasizes.
From February 1st, the 38-year-old will take control of business and is very grateful to his instructor.
I couldn’t have imagined anything better, says Schaefer in the Podcast Travel & Stars.

grateful for unfiltered feedback

Schaefer was enabled to use Schmidt’s wealth of experience for four and a half years.
According to the future VFL boss, this deserved gold.
Even if it was not constantly easy, as the sports director admits.
Jörg has actually set himself the task of pulling me, developing me. Due to the fact that Jörg is not precisely known as a diplomat.
Challenged, for that I will be grateful for his lifetime.
Now, now, ex-professional Schaefer, who concerned Wolfsburg in 2007 as a young left-back from 1860 Munich, is responsible for this club.
Is it prepared for the extensive Schmidt school?
I feel well gotten ready for the new job, a new chapter, a brand-new obstacle at my heart club.

Schaefer discovered a lot

What did Schmidt taught him?
I found out a lot in numerous areas, states Schaefer.
It has to do with people management, how do you bring a specific variety of staff members on a method. Transfer policy, all legal fundamentals, association law things.
Far from the transfer periods that take location twice a year.
It’s not almost putting and signing gamers together a good team, but for significantly more. We are now companies, and the exact same uses to leading them.
From February, Schaefer will do this, then Sebastian Schindzielorz, who was just recently handling director at VFL Bochum, will transfer to his post as sports director.
And Schmidt?
He sits down, at least.
There are still lots of difficulties in life.