At the World Cup in Annecy, lady’s sprint is on the strategy today
Here the race is ticked live
The female’s sprint follows yesterday’s sprint of the men in Annecy
How do the German biathletes appear?
Spot ticks happen live
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Biathlon: Women’s sprint in Annecy today in the live ticker

Before the start: There is also a modification in the Austrian group
Tamara Steiner will now replace and sign up with the group Anna June on the planet Cup group
The team is led by Lisa Theresa Mauser, who will trigger today as the 23rd starter
You can likewise look forward to Talent Anna Handler (42)
Julia Schweitzer (69), nevertheless, must hope that the button will finally open this season after only a few points have actually been in it up until now
Even with Tunja Doug (32), not everything meshes
Before the start: As with males, women in France also have a modification in the World Cup line-up for the first time
After excellent results, Janina Hettich-Walz returns to the World Cup group in the IBM Cup and changes Juliane Fruit
Hettich-Walz enters into the competitors today with start number 20
The Vanessa Vogt race will open, which had the ability to convince with good performances, specifically in Kontiolahti at the start of the season
For a long period of time it will not consider Denise Herrmann-Wick (6) to come, which should as soon as again be a closer preferred group
Franziska Press (36), Anna Wade (39) and Sophia Schneider (43) total the German team in Annecy
Before the start: Julia Simon takes a trip to the ladies at her home world cup as the provider of the yellow jersey
She has actually gathered 310 points in the previous winter
The second is the Norwegian Ingrid Landmark Teldrevold just three points ahead of Italian Lisa Vittozzi
Denise Herrmann-Wick joins another 2 points behind
In the sprint score, German is one in position one prior to Lisa Theresa Mauser from Austria
Before the start: After Hochfilzen, the Biathlon World Cup continued to Annecy Le Grand-Bornand, where the males opened the competitors days with their sprint the other day
Today it is the turn of women over a distance of 7.5 kilometers
95 professional athletes reported
The first starter enters into the trail at 2:15 p.m., the Romanian Tolmacheva takes the end at 3:02 p.m
Before the start: After the guys opened the World Cup in Annecy, French the other day, ladies are now also their turn today
They likewise start the competitions with a sprint
Denise Herrmann-Wick won the past sprint in Hochfilzen, what is possible today?
Before the start: The race over 7.5 kilometers starts at 2:15 p.m
Before the start: hey there and welcome to the sprint of women in Annecy (France)

Biathlon: Women’s sprint in Annecy today on television and livestream

The ARD offers female’s sprint both on complimentary TV and in the totally free livestream
Eurosport is likewise on hand with totally free TV transmission and a live stream
The live stream is not complimentary of charge, however associated with expenses
Access to DAZN, which also moves the sprint due to the cooperation with Eurosport, is likewise based on a fee
For the membership required for this, 29.99 euros each month and 274.99 euros annually are sustained

Biathlon: The World Cup in Annecy

Date |
Start |
15.12.2022 (Thu) |
14: 10 |
Sprint men 10 km
16.12.2022 (FR) |
14: 15 |
Sprint women 7.5 km
17.12.2022 (SA) |
12: 10 |
Persecution guys 12.5 km
17.12.2022 (SA) |
14: 15 |
Persecution ladies 10 km
18.12.2022 (Sun) |
12: 10 |
Mass start guys 15 km
18.12.2022 (Sun) |
14: 15 |
Mass start ladies 12.5 km

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