Usually, before a great Destiny 2 event, there will be a maintenance period that can affect other things, while the game itself cannot be played.

You may be experiencing some problems when trying to use the complementary application, or it could be something more serious.
Here is how to verify the State of Destiny 2 to see if the Companion and DIM application are inactive.

Where to check the complementary application of Destiny 2 and the DIM state

Your first resource to verify if there is a reason related to Bungee for which the Destiny 2 Companion application or the DIM (Destiny Elements Administrator) will be the Destiny server and the update status page.
This will give you an excellent breakdown of when maintenance begins for the first time and when complementary applications are disconnected so as not to interfere.
If there is no maintenance currently scheduled, your best option after that will be to go to the Bungee Help Twitter account to see if a problem that could be having is widespread.


Is the complementary application of Destiny 2 attenuated?

Destination 2 Maintenance
❖ Review
Reactivated functions (web, mobile and third-party applications)
❖ Destiny 2 vendors
❖ Benefits and modifications of articles
❖ Subclass options
Report Problems or Search Help here:
-Help of Bungee (@bungiehelp) December 13, 2022,
According to a Tweet of the aforementioned Bungee Help account, the maintenance ended about three hours ago.
Access to the Companion application and DIM should be fine now.
However, taking into account that there is a great event on the other side of this maintenance period, things can still be a bit crooked from the beginning.
We will continue monitoring the situation in case something else arises.
This is all you need to know how to verify the state of Destiny 2 to see if the Companion and DIM application are inactive.
It is possible that players receive the CAT error since we are not so far from maintenance, but we know how to solve it.
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