The Esports azil Award of 2022, whose theme will be Multiverses of Esports, takes place this Friday (16), at the Latin America Memorial, in São Paulo.
The event will feature live music performances and will be oadcast both virtually, in different streaming channels and Sports 3.
The ceremony responsible for rewarding the best names in the electronic sports scene in azil will also feature shows by Drag Queen, ETT, MC Sofia, Priscilla Alcántara and more musical attractions.


It was also announced that, throughout the event, they will have moments with songs by Emilia and Gal Costa and a ballet that will unite various dance styles.
The sixth edition of the event will feature the presentation of Nevi Stephan and Ana Clara on television and on Globally, while the virtual oadcast will be shared between the creators of content Octavio NATO, Barbara Gutierrez and Paula Noble on their official channels.
Check out all the details about the awards:


aque the Galena

  • uno Nor Goes
  • Matías Saddam deliver
  • Erick Spas Santos
  • Diego Bonce Amaral
  • Gustavo SAY Rossi


The Esports azil Award informed, via email, that this category has not yet been defined.

Athlete Revelation

  • Erick Spas Santos
  • Diego Bonce Amaral

Athlete Female Revelation

  • Julia Jelly Iris
  • Flower

Best female athlete

  • Natalia Died Villa
  • Paula ASTRID Lagoon
  • Olga Olga Rodrigues

Personality of the year

  • Victor Augusto Joker
  • Casimir Casimir Vieira
  • Alexandre Gauges CORBA

Best athlete from Rainbow Six Siege

  • Jaime Cyber Ramos
  • Diego Head Janelle
  • Lucas PALU Molina

Best female athlete from Rainbow Six Siege

  • Lucía Lulu Campbell
  • Julia Jun it
  • Giovanna Pink souls Fontanel

Best Data 2 athlete

  • João 4Nalog Giannini
  • Thiago Thiolicor Cordero
  • Guilherme Constable Constable

Best athlete from Valorant

  • Erick Spas Santos
  • yan Bate Luna

Best female athlete from Valorant

  • Natalia Died Villa
  • Paula ASTRID Lagoon
  • Hannah Tayhuhu Yakima

Best athlete from Free Fire

  • Rhone Raone7 Morris
  • Garden Dead God Pereira

Best CS Athlete: GO

  • Gaiel Fallen Toledo
  • Kike Esperanto Erato
  • Yuri Yuri ian

Best CS Women’s Athlete: GO

  • Giovanna Younger Young
  • Olga Olga Rodrigues
  • Isabella IAA Gale

Best League of Legends athlete

  • Diego Bonce Amaral
  • Leonardo Robot Souza
  • Thiago Tin owns Satori

Best Mobile Games Athlete

  • Kazan Federal Gonçalves (PUBG Mobile)
  • Samuel Bassett Henrique (Clash Royale)
  • Ryan Letter Silva (Wild Rift)

Best card athlete

  • Gustavo Henrique Cayuga (Legends of Runeterra)
  • Gustavo WADA (Pokémon TCG)
  • Victor Trio Carrion (Legends of Runeterra)

Best Fighting Games Athlete

  • Paulo Horuspaulin Mourn
  • uno Killerxinok Sousa
  • Ronaldo Ronaldinho Mendes

Best athlete of Battle Royale

  • Carlos Ed Santos (Fortnite)
  • Pedro Henrique Chain (Fortnite)
  • Hernandez Besk9 Matthew (Apex Legends)

Best virtual football athlete

  • Felipe Barrett Pregnant (FIFA 23)
  • Paulo Chain Henrique (FIFA 23)

Best athlete of other modalities

  • Felipe Bamako Mao (Pokémon Unite)
  • Nathan silelyfangel Alves (OSU)
  • An Yann Osasco Schist (Rocket League)

Best streamer

  • Alexandre Gauges CORBA
  • Victor Augusto Joker Camilo
  • Lucas Luquet4 gagliasso
  • LIFFE Paulino O Look Henrique Carvalho
  • Alan Alaska Ferreira

Best organization

  • Loud
  • Curia
  • Flow
  • Pain Gaming
  • Team liquid

Best game

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
  • Valorant
  • League of Legends
  • Free Fire
  • Rainbow Six Siege

Best Caster

  • Tacit Scrappy Scrappy
  • Graciela Grace Gomes
  • Pablo ARM Oliveira
  • Bernardo Bid Mourn
  • Baby Michele


The event may be watched in the following ways:
Globally (for Sports subscribers)
PEB official channels: YouTube, Twitch, Instagram
Player1 official channels: YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook
Barbara Gutierrez
Octavio NATO
Paula Noble


While the golden carpet will be open from 19h (asília time), the award itself will start only 9 pm (asília time).