So what is it about the Dutch style of play that was so successful at this World Cup? In this article, we explore five reasons why Louis van Goal and the Dutch style of play were a success at the World Cup.

Incorrect fitness instructor.
Lost and gambled.
Or: offensive.
Louis van Goal’s goodbye speech was hardly dropped, when huge criticism was as soon as again pounding on the outgoing bond coach.
As soon as once again Argentina and Lionel Messi, another penalty drama, as in 2014 in Brazil.
But the aggravation over the early World Cup from Orange was mainly directed versus the styles of play at home.
The responsible?
Van Goal.
With him, the Dutch association selected the wrong star for the World Cup program, headed de Telegraph, the offensive fainting was unpleasant to look at.
Van Goal gambled and lost (Verbal International), the day-to-day newspaper NRC even explained the playing style as opportunistic battle football.
Which in a nation that happily looks back on the days of the Verbal Total.
The video game continued to establish, stated the 71-year-old after the quarter-finals, the last game of his third term (3: 4 I.E.) when he likewise verbally switched to defense mode, and it is much harder than 20 years ago,
To play as offending as Ajax did.
Ronald Woman, who has been a successor for a long period of time, certainly is awaiting a lot of work.
He left an outstanding group, said van Goal.
Without those wingers who in fact like to see in the Local.
This is probably why NRC questioned, why Van Goal consistently claimed that the Netherlands could end up being world champion.
Really, the previous Bayern coach had planned, the tournament in Qatar should become his crowning splendor in the gigantic Lugsail stadium, the dream burst in the bitter way.
We practiced penalties throughout the year, and after that you screw it up, said van Goal, who even motivated his players to continue training this with their clubs.
That is particularly injured, because I did whatever possible to prevent it.

What’s next for Van Goal?

Nonetheless, van Goal proudly raised the morals of the players around the practically hero Out Ween, the cheeky free kick trick on the gate for 2: 2 or the series of 20 video games without defeat.
I had a fantastic, wonderful time, emphasized King Louis (Verbal International), which the greatest title was rejected once again.


In April, he had made his prostate cancer public, another inspiration boost for his gamers.
Everyone knows that they have something awful, said goalkeeper Andres Copper: Then you desire to end it well for him. That makes it additional.
Will van Goal truly bid farewell to the well-deserved pension?
If an actually fascinating offer comes, I might continue as a coach, he had been stuck before the game.
He was 71 years old, still look incredibly young and great.