The biathlon is a discipline in which athletes compete that ski over various distances and then fire at 10 targets with either a rifle or a pistol. Biathlon, as one of the oldest modern Olympic sports, has been part of the games since 1960. The biggest event for female biathletes during the year is the world championships. The competition is tough, says Andrea Henkel from Germany, who won three silver medals in Hochfilzen and was runner-up overall.


At biathlon, females are now pursuing their persecution in Hochfilzen
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The brand-new biathlon season is already running
For ladies, things go to the matter in Hochfilzen today when they contest their persecution
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Biathlon: Women’s sprint in Hochfilzen today in the LiveTicker-before start

Prior to the start: This weekend the biathlon women of the DSV are still very tough
Only Denise Herrmann-Wick has actually made friends with the trail up until now and won the sprint on Thursday
A total of 60 biathletes can begin with the pursuer today
It takes over a minute for Anna Wade and Sophia Schneider to start the next Germans
Franziska Press completed 25th at her World Cup launching this winter and will tape-record the persecution of one minute and 16 seconds
Vanessa Vogt as 30th and Juliane Fruit as 41 follow
Before the start: For ladies, it is the 2nd station in the present winter season cup season
From November 29th to December fourth, they started the new year in Kontiolahti, which is in Finland
They remain in Hochfilzen up until Sunday
Before the start: At the biathlon, a chasing race over 10 kilometers is waiting on the women today
They are in usage in Hochfilzen, Austrian, and the starting shot is offered there at 11.30 a.m
Before the start: Welcome to the live ticker!

Biathlon: Sprint of women in Hochfilzen today survive on TV and livestream

The persecution of the biathlon women can be seen live today
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Biathlon: The visits at the World Cup in Hochfilzen

Date |
Start |
08.12.2022 (Thu) |
2.10 p.m. |
Sprint females 7.5 km
09.12.2022 (FR) |
1:45 p.m. |
Sprint men 10 km
10.12.2022 (SA) |
11.30 a.m. |
Persecution females 10 km
10.12.2022 (SA) |
1:40 p.m. |
Season males 4 x 7.5 km
11.12.2022 (Sun) |
11.30 a.m
Season ladies 4 x 6 km
11.12.2022 (Sun) |
2:15 p.m. |
Persecution men 12.5 km.