The handball players of the THW Kiel won the away game versus their worry opponent HSG Regular.
After three defeats in the last five Bundesliga games versus the Middle Hesse, the North Germans won 31:25 (15:13) on Sunday.
The Wearer Monica Nikolić, Lenny Rubin and Women Novak in addition to the Kiel Sander Sago sen, Magnus Landing, Nicolas Berg and Nikola Bilk were the most effective throwers in front of the 4246 spectators.
The HSG got off to a great start to the video game.
Rubin scored the first three-goal lead in the 5: 2 in the 6th minute.
The Killer, who was troubled by a few injury concerns, initially had a hard time.
Berg granted 2 charge tosses in a row.
So it took till the 28th minute before Patrick Whence brought the visitors to the front for the very first time at 14:13.

Landing brings the turn

THW fitness instructor Filip Richey had previously initiated the turn to the much better.
For his Czech compatriot Tomas MRA, he placed Niklas Landing in between the posts.


The presence of the two-time world handball gamer alone caused a good respect among the HSG players.
So the record champ gradually got the video game under control.

With the 25:19 (49th), Bilk made the initial choice in favor of the second in the table.
We were constant in attack, covered well and made fairly few errors, stated Landing after the game at Sky.

Magdeburg remains on your backing for Flensburg

SC Magdeburg celebrated the tenth win of the season.
The team of coach Bennet Winger won their home game versus TBV Lego Lipped with 37:33 (19:16).
For the Vegeburgers, in which playmakers Girl Kristiansen injured his foot, it was effort.
The Ledgers, who had actually previously won versus the THW Kiel and SG Flensburg-Handewitt, might not hang out.
The SCM reached 4th place with 21: 5 points.
SC Dark Leipzig fell into the crisis through its 31:30 (17:13) success.
Virgo Kristiansen fulfilled the last siren for the Saxons, who celebrated the 5th triumph under her brand-new coach Lunar Sigryggsson and the 6th success in series.
ASV Hamm-Westfalen promoted a 29:29 (14:14) against TSV Hannover-Burgdorf at the last second.
The MT Messenger and the Bernice HC separated 22:22 (15:13).

HSG Wetzlar-THW Kiel 25:31 (13:15).

Tore HSG Regular: Nikolić 5, Novak 5/1, Rubin 5, Millard 2, Fall 2, Shelter 2, Easterner 2/1, Becker 1, E. Schmidt 1.
THW Kiel: Bilk 5, Berg 5/1, M. Landing 5/2, Sago sen 5/2, Ranking 4, Week 4, Dame 2, Peeler 1.
Referee: Simon Reich (Fullback)/ Hans-Peter Brubeck (Oppenheim).
Viewers: 4246.
Lawbreaker minutes: 8/1 10 disqualification:-/-.

SC Magdeburg-TBV Lego Lipped 37:33 (19:16).

Tore SC Magdeburg: Saugstrup 6, Horne 5, G. T. Kristiansen 5, O. I. Mansion 5, Muscle 4, Master 3, pH. Weber 3, Martens 2, Smith 2, Beak 1, Partner 1.
TBV Lego Lipped: Gender 8/4, Sutton 7, Were 5, Huck 4, G. Guardiola Villalba 3, Speak 3, Large 1, Shaken 1, Believed 1.
Referee: Fabian Rampart (retirement house)/ Sasha Wild (Elgersweiher).
Spectators: 6365.
Bad guy minutes: 6/6.

MT Melsungen-Bergischer HC 22:22 (15:13).

Tore Messenger: Andersson 5, Canada 4, A. Gomes 3, J. Fuchs 2, K. Hefner 2, E. Jonson 2, Beckman 1, Into 1, Calabash 1, Malasinskas 1/1.
Burnisher HC: Guard 6, Baba 3, Beyer 3/1, M’Dengue 3, Nikolai sen 3, Defogged 2, Person 1, State 1.
Referee: Mario Zupanovic (Berlin)/ Martin Shōnen (Berlin).
Spectators: 3015.
Bad guy minutes: 2/6.

SC DHFK Leipzig-SG Flensburg-Handewitt 31:30 (17:13).

Tore SC DHFK Leipzig: V. Kristiansen 9/2, IVI?
4, Sunnefeldt 4, Withe 4, M. Ball 3, Mismatch 3, Ernst 2, Binder 1, Krzikalla 1.
SG Flensburg-Handewitt: L.K. Miller 8, J. Hansen 4, E. M. Jacobsen 4/2, Rod 3, Temper 3, Had 2, Johannes sen 2, Windsor 2, Golda 1, Larsen 1.
Referee: Jörg Loppaschewski (Berlin)/ Nils Blumer (Berlin).
Viewers: 4531.
Crook minutes: 8/8.

ASV Hamm-Westfalen-SV Hannover-Burgdorf 29:29 (14:14).

Objectives ASV Hamm-Westfalen: Bornean 9, Hermann 6/3, Intel 6, Saw was 3, Wailing 3, Eventful 1, Pa trail 1.
TSV Hannover-Burgdorf: Tannhauser 8/4, Robotic 5, Büchner 5, Kusch 4, Makers 3, Pavlov 2, Michalczik 1, B. Ludovic 1.
Referee: Thomas Kern (Bentham)/ Thorsten Bushel (Heimlich).
Viewers: 2252.
Crook minutes: 12/8.