The magic team Star is the fourth recommended Star fall Street storyline at Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. There is one battle, followed by a wave of 30 Pokémon before fighting the Ortega team. It is recommended to have a command of Pokémon at least 51 levels and have a high-protection Pokémon. This is all you need to know the players about the victory over the Fairy Crew in the game Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

How to win Team Star Fairy Crew in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

In the first approximation to the Fair Crew in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet, players will fight Harrington with a level of 48. Morgue and 49 Future level. It is recommended that the battles of dark, fiery and poisonous teams are already going to reach this point in the game. None of the Pokémon beats very much, because they are not fully developed, but with Morgue it can quite strongly strengthen its special attack using Nasty Plot if it is not killed quickly enough. After this battle, it is necessary to defeat a wave of 30 Pokémon. Many types of fairies have an additional type, and it will be important to know when you bring a team from three Pokémon into battle. They are:

  • Jigglipuff and Wigglituff-normal/Fairy is weak to poison and steel.
  • Karla and Gardevoar-the psyche/fairy is weak to the ghost, poison and steel.
  • Mimic ghost/fairy is weak against the ghost and steel.
  • Mar ill and Azumarill-Water/Fairy is weak to the grass, electricity and poison.
  • Program and Grimmsnarl-Dark/Fairy is weak to poison, steel and fairy.
  • Florida pure fairy is weak to poison and steel.
  • Ticketing and Tinkatuf-Fairy/Steel is weak to the ground and fire.

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How to win Order Fairy Boss in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Ortega will have four Pokémon, each of which has physical attacks. If the players have a strong steel type with high protection, this battle will be easy for them, since his team is unlikely to be able to inflict great damage to him. The first three Pokémon will be able to lower the player Pokémon attack, making Bisharp with a daring ability the best candidate to combat them. This is the Ortega team:

  • Level 50 Azumarillas-water/fairy, weak for grass, electricity and poison with squashy, rough game, charm and jumping.
  • Wigglituff of the 50th level-normal/magical, weak to steel and poison with Body Slam, Play Rough, Gyro Ball and Charm.
  • 51 levels-a pure fairy, weak to steel and poison with a crunch, a rough game, a dirty slap and doll eyes.
  • Rearm Ruchbah pure fairy, weak to steel and poison with a magic torque.

The ability of Amarillo, a huge force, doubles the attack indicator, which makes it very strong. It does not have a high speed, so the use of a quick and powerful herbal or electric type can quickly deal with it, holding a magnet or a miracle-family. Wigglytuff is unlikely to pose a threat, but a man, who physically attacking Pokémon, has a chance to fall in love with his ability, sweet charm.

Dachshund has high protection, but can be easily destroyed by a special attacking technique. He will not inflict a lot of damage, but as soon as he loses consciousness, the senior mobile Rumba will be sent. Unlike the usual Rearm, it will be a pure Fairy Type with a characteristic physical movement that can confuse the target. Any Pokémon of a fiery, poisonous or steel type can withstand its attacks and defeat it without any problems.

If the players have not done this yet, they had to finish the last gym. To get help in the final gym, read the section How to defeat Header Pear in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet in Pro Game Guides.