Hubert us Hess-Grunewald was re-elected as president at the general meeting of Welder Bremen. Without an opposite candidate, the 62-year-old was confirmed in workplace at the conference in the Bremen show hall Die Bell as anticipated.

The members also voted with a clear bulk for a structural modification in the Presidium. In the future, the head of the association will no longer be the managing director of the corporation at the same time, however will be employed as chairman of the supervisory board. The impact of the association should not be weakened, said Hess-Grunewald.


The Hanseatic League can look back on an effective year by returning to the Bundesliga. At the general meeting, the President thanked the fans for persistence after transfer 2021. The Welder advocates had actually created the prerequisites with their discipline and the justified however standard criticism at the event last year the Bremen a new unity and unity arose, as the 62-year-old said.

Just four of the 235 members present voted against Hess-Grunewald, who thanked for the clear proof of trust. Claudia Latch was chosen vice president and replaces Jens Hofer.