Bayern striker Mane will not be in the team, as Senegal’s association Vice President Abdoulaye Sow confirmed AP: We have to get ready for playing the first games without Radio and winning without radio because we still have 25 Gamers apart from Radio. We are not allowed to whine too much.

Recently, Radio Mane hurt his head of the Wadelbüpfchen in the first half in the first half, a failure at the World Cup seemed inevitable. The 30-year-old was selected to the 26-man squad of the Senegal, who will meet the Netherlands in less than a week at the start of the World Cup in Qatar.

The medical things are currently over the sporty

The 35-year-old is really worried about his summer beginner from Liverpool and made it clear: If he has discomfort and can not play, then he will not have the ability to play. Even if the association wants to have it. The medical things are currently About the sporty.

Mane will miss out on the first video games, so. How numerous games of the strikers will fail has not yet announced the association or club. While a large part of the Senegalese nationwide team took a trip to Qatar on Sunday, Mane is waiting for more tests in Munich prior to he joined the team.


Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann had discussed a couple of days ago: We will take a follow-up check in ten days and after that we will see how the healing course is on the shin head. There are even more choices.