Game Studio ENJOY STUDIO S.A. officially announced the magic agricultural game the Witch of Fern Island . Currently looking for support at Kickstarter. According to the Kickstarter introduction page, early access distribution is scheduled for the first quarter of 2023, and officially released in the first quarter of 2024. The compatible platform is PC (Steam).

The Witch of Fern Island is a magical agricultural game from a third-person perspective. It will be a work that intersects RPG, adventure, and search elements in the sandbox type open world. BRILL of this work is a devil girl who dreams of becoming a full-fledged witch. The stage is a mysterious island Fern Island. The player is to manipulate BRILL and make use of magic (alchemy, familiar, etc.) to grow her into a full-fledged witch. When her magic ability rises, it is possible to protect the field from pests, manipulate the weather, and see the future by rituals. It seems to be a combination of magic elements such as alchemy and familiarity, and agricultural elements that can cultivate crops and improve animal breeding.

It is said that there is a season in this work. In the city where people live, seasonal holidays and festivals seem to be held. According to the Kickstarter page, this work is infinitely playable, and it seems to be a work that can enjoy events that can feel the changing season. In addition, the interaction with the people in the town has changed dynamically. Depending on the players’ remarks and actions, they may be irreparable.

In The Witch of Fern Island, alchemy and manufacturing using magic materials are key. Players obtain these magic materials through means such as agriculture and fishing. It is possible to sell potions, amulets, Talisman, etc. generated by alchemy using magic materials. It is likely that friendship will change by handing the potions that the town people want and helping their lives. Furthermore, it also increases the complexity and efficacy of potions that can be generated by increasing the magic skills of the protagonist.

Agricultural crops, which are magical materials, can be cultivated on the farm. It seems that farms can also discover enchantment vegetables as new species by making use of magic knowledge. Magic ability is still alive in fishing. Based on the information obtained by interacting with the people in the town, it seems that there is a pleasure to find a special creature called magic fish and find a magical fish. In addition, the farm is also possible to develop and cross the magic chicken called FLOW. There are more than 20 types of Flow, which can be obtained by discovering wild or purchasing from town people. The elements of cultivation and exploration of magic materials, and interacting with the townspeople seem to spin the story while supporting each other.

The agricultural area is also enriched for customization. The interior of the house where the witch lives can be changed according to the player’s preference. From the selection of furniture to the arrangement of agricultural areas, it seems that the degree of freedom and creativity of the player can be demonstrated.

The Family who will be the player in The Witch of Fern Island is a cute demon who will help players. In the published trailer video, you can see the Karla and the familiars of cats. By possessing a cat, it can enter a small hole and possess the crow to soar high in the sky. By possessing the familiar, you can move to a place where you could not go in a normal demon girl. It is also said that familiars can give advice on play by getting along.

One of the ways to move in this work can also be checked with a four-legged creature called THOU. The steep mountain road seems to be easier by moving on the back of THOU. In addition, the magical wand, which can be said to be a classic magician, will also appear as a means of transportation.

THE WITCH OF FERN ISLAND is scheduled to be distributed early in the first quarter of 2023. Early access is scheduled for one year. They will introduce all content by 2024 while adding content every few months. For early access distribution, 3 biomes, a dozen characters, 40 kinds of craft recipes and materials, 7 types of ritual magic, 20 or more furniture, 5 kinds of wild animals, and Thou are used It will be possible. The system that is the core of the game has already been completed and will be implemented at the start of early access distribution.

The Witch of Fern Island will launch early access distribution in the first quarter of 2023 and will be officially released in the first quarter of 2024. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). At the writing stage of this article, we are looking for supporters at Kickstarter. Depending on the amount, you can describe your name on the Steam key and in-game content. If you want to live with the people of the town as a magical girl, why not try this work as a wish list?