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Competing Club thus became the winner of the rumor final around the Trophy de Campones. The competitors approach the Super cup in Germany, where champs and cup champions fulfill.


The events rescinded when everyone involved had already anticipated a charge shootout. Racing went 2-1 in the 118th minute via Carlos Alcatraz and cheered provocatively before the Coca followers.

In added time of the routine period in between the 2 clubs from Buenos Aires, two gamers clashed at 1: 1, which is why umpire Fecund Tells took out twice. In the expansion, an additional Coca gamer followed with yellow-red.

Several Coca experts after that flipped out, to name a few points, they pulled the goal marker to the ears to develop a wild pack formation. The umpire sent 4 various other Coca players (three red cards, a yellow-red card) and also 2 competing twists (2 red cards).

Considering that Coca currently only had 5 players on the field, the game had to be terminated accordingly. On top of that, Carlos Zambrano Rot, that made use of to bet Schalke, St. Pauli as well as Frankfurt, saw unemployed and also currently wear the Coca jersey.

Absolute insanity in Argentina! At the final of the Trophy de Campones in between the Boca Juniors and Competing Club, 10 players flew off the pitch. The annual report: eight red cards, two yellow-red cards and a game terminate.

Absolute madness in Argentina! At the last of the Trophy de Campones between the Boca Juniors as well as Racing Club, 10 players flew off the pitch. The balance sheet: eight red cards, 2 yellow-red cards and also a video game terminate.