Three years ago, Hero quest was difficult in German kid’s rooms, but it still enjoys his cult status. Because February 2022, the board video game standard has been completely in German as a modified brand-new edition. If the traditional dice experience has actually up until now been also expensive for you, you now have the possibility to obtain the parlor game considerably less expensive: According to the item web page, Hero quest is marketed less costly in Müller-branches , right here the price of EUR 128.99 Reduced EUR 96.00. This represents a saving of 26 percent. The negative aspect: This offer does not put on online delivery, so you can just purchase the video game in a branch on website. At the very least you can look for an ideal store near you through the website.

You can also take a look at if you still choose the on the internet shipping. Here you can presently obtain the German base game for 116 euros, which is currently a bit listed below the RRP. In addition, 2 growth packages are minimized, which have brand-new adventures, figures, cards and prey. All articles are the German versions. Here is all offers for Hero Quest on Amazon at a glance:

  • Hero quest base game \ -116 euros rather than 130 euros
  • Hero quest: The stronghold Cellars Keep Adventure Load \ -31 euros rather than 38 euros
  • Hero quest: The return of the witch lord adventure pack \ -32 euros rather than 38 euros


Detailed on Amazon, if not minimized:

Hero quest: The icy horror adventure pack \ -50 euros
Hero quest: The mirror magician experience pack \ -50 euros (shows up on February 1, 2023).

What good is the new edition of Hero quest?

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Three years earlier, Hero quest was hard in German kid’s spaces, however it still enjoys his cult standing. If the classic cube experience has actually so much been also costly for you, you currently have the opportunity to obtain the board video game substantially more affordable: According to the item page, Hero quest is offered less costly in Müller-branches , here is the rate of EUR 128.99 Minimized EUR 96.00. Currently, in February we checked the substantial base video game from Hero quest for you. In addition, you can locate out how the newly designed personalities are jam-packed and over all: whether Hero quest, for manywasboard game of our youth, still in great mood today. Have you currently tried hero quest in the new version?

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Currently, in February we tested the substantial base video game from Hero quest for you. Below you will find our comprehensive record, in which we describe the game principle to you, yet also take a closer take a look at devices and also handling top quality. Naturally, comparison photos should not be missing: In many images we reveal you where the contemporary design was definitely effective as well as where the original was much prettier. On top of that, you can learn how the newly designed characters are jam-packed and also most importantly: whether Hero quest, for lots ofwasparlor game of our youth, still in excellent mood today. Have you currently tried hero quest in the brand-new version? Could it still develop the old appeal for you or is the traditional dirt as well dusted for you? Compose us your experiences!