Naughty Dog and PSS Visual Arts are immersed in the development of a project that belongs to a very dear saga. From that point you can not say much more, because the name of the brand h not been officially revealed. In any ce, it is confirmed that the project is not original and that is part of a known series , it h been evident in the message that accompanies a new job offer.

We are a new PlayStation study bed in San Diego, California. Our team seeks to positively impact SHE inspiring the reflections and emotions to players worldwide through an incredible game experience . We are currently co-the development of a new project with Naughty Dog of a very dear saga.


The multiplayer of The Lt of Us, a free-to-play game?

Naughty Dog announced at the Summer Game Fest gala that the independent multiplayer set in the Universe of The Lt of Us will receive new information in 2023 . However, a job offer h implied that the study seeks people with experience in the free-to-play titles, which h aroused rumors about the possibility that this project will work under this business model. Do not forget that PlayStation wants to strengthen its offer of games a service.

What sag enter the very dear? If it is Naughty Dog brands, there are two names to take into account. The first is JAK and Baxter, who h been in fallow for years. The second is of course Uncharted, whose most recent project is the pack Legacy Collection of the thieves for PS5 and PC, which includes both the fourth installment and the lost legacy. We will see what the future holds us.