Publisher Daedalus Entertainment announced on October 27 the search puzzle game Wonderful by Tiny Roar. The compatible platform is PC (Steam). Early access distribution is scheduled, and the distribution time is undecided. According to Steam’s store page, the game seems to support japanese display.

Wonderful is a puzzle game that explores the world by expanding the world by tiles. Players have a vast space and start the game from the land at the center. However, we do not know what kind of environment is around. Players own several tiles, and by placing tiles, new lands are emerged in that place.

The land created is a variety of lands, such as the wilderness and forest areas where cactus grows, and land with private houses and fields. He is also able to encounter a variety of environments, with more creatures, changing day and night, and mysterious phenomena. Then explore new land and obtain additional tiles. Use it to expand the world further.

Details are unknown at this time, but each tile has some hidden power and restrictions. The game play of this work requires strategic and creativity, and there is also a score element. It seems important to use your tiles well. Then, when the tile is used up, the game ends.

It is said that the world of this work will bring different experiences every time they play by automatic generation. One play is about 5-30 minutes. It seems that you can enjoy it with free play style, such as aiming for a high score or trying to expand the world. The mysterious world view that uses a gentle visual is also attractive, and it seems good to explore such a world leisurely.

Wonderful is being developed for PC (Steam). Early access distribution is scheduled, and it is planned to be distributed on all platforms at the time of official release.