As a result, municipalities can formally authorize public watching events outdoors also if they go to night. The newest kick-off time of Globe Mug games will certainly be 8 p.m. (CET).

The Federal Council authorized an equivalent policy this Friday. The background to the Ministry of the Atmosphere is a policy that Priest Staff Lemme (Greens) had submitted in September at the demand of the federal states. Through of the Globe Cup, this attends to exemptions from the otherwise suitable policies on sound security.

4 round of 16, two quarter-finals and also both semi-finals likewise increase at 8 p.m. The Globe Mug last begins on December 18 at 4 p.m.


towns must consider in specific situations

In enhancement to the public rate of interest, the exterior events also play a function in the exterior occasions to seeking security and residences in demand of security along with the succession of the approved exemptions. Equivalent guidelines already existed at the 2006 Globe Mug and the 2008 European Champions (in Austria/Switzerland) as well as 2016 (in France).

In concept, the following uses: Public seeing occasions should be requested by the organizer and accepted by the responsible districts. Regardless of the appropriate exemption, the ministry expressly explained that communities additionally need to weigh up in between the public interest in video games and the defense of the evening’s sleep during the World Cup.

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