The Secret of Alhambra is the third part of the global chain of the Golden Sleep tasks, which describes in detail about the adventures of a wanderer, Thread and mercenaries in the Mausoleum of King of Desert.

How to unlock the world task The Secret of Alhambra Pier in Genshin Impact

In order to unlock this local task, you must first go to the Poster desert and visit the village of Sara, where you can take the chain of the Golden Sleep tasks. You must perform the following quests:

  • Lost in the sand
  • Introduction to internal archeology

As soon as you finish with both, you automatically unlock the secret of Alhambra.

How to complete the world task The Secret of Allahyar Pier in Genshin Impact


After the launch of this world task, the game will offer you to rise on the elevator what you can do, following the marker of the task. However, if you teleport outside the temple, how to return to the secret passage behind the fresco.

From the waybill of the teleport in the temple of Scheme, enter the tunnel in the shape of a pyramid until you get to a large room. Then rise to the elevator and activate it to get to the floor with the fresco that you previously unlocked.

Enter the fresco to find the elevator. interact with him to get to the destination. After a small screensaver, continue to go forward to enter the Mausoleum of King Desert. Enter the pyramid to find two primitive constructions that you need. defeat. As soon as this is done, go ahead to enter the room filled with gold coins.

Try to open the coffin

In this segment, you need to look for four initial coals scattered through two rooms next to the giant statues of guards, and follow them back to their posts in the main room. Contact our leadership How to try to open the coffin to complete this part.

Find the way to the top floor

Go up to the tomb to find the elevator, and interact with it to climb the top floor.

Climb to the top floor of the Mausoleum of King Desert.

As soon as the elevator lifts you, you will be offered to climb the top floor. Turn to the right Find the room. Enter it and continue to go down the stairs until you see a luminous spot that you need to approach to continue the quest. After the dialogue with the team you unlock the gap for your shale scarlet sand. You also unlock the achievement of Wonders of the World called Create, exchange, store and use .

Find members of the Archaeologists team

Having talked with the Piano, interact with control device Open the gate leading into the depths of the mausoleum. You will immediately notice a group of archaeologists fighting off Fatui-help them and defeat All enemies.

Find Been

Been is still absent, so follow the marker of the quest to control points ( luminous spots ), until you finally regroup with the team. This is a fairly long way, so do not be alarmed by distance. You do not need to defeat enemies or solve puzzles along the way, but nothing will stop you!

Go to the Fate camp to find evidence.

After the dialogue with the team of archaeologists, be sure to activate hidden point of the teleport next to you, so that in the future it is easier to travel. Then go down from the cliff to get closer to Fate. You will need to deal with combat against members of Sam ail and Fate.

disappear deeper into ruins

In this segment, you need to look for two primitive coals and take them back to the collet. Contact our leadership on how to delve into ruins for the complete passage of this part.

Examine the room located deep inside

After you bring both Primal Embers to Open Hall, the gate will automatically open. Enter This is to explore the room in the depths of the mausoleum, causing a dialogue with an archaeological team and completing the world quest. You will unlock the achievement of Wonders of the World called amazing pyramid and the next part of the Golden Dream chain called Dreams under the sand scorching.

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