The Administrative Council of Economic Defense (MADE), the federal institution that had to regulate the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft in Brazil, has given the green light to the acquisition worth 68.7 billion dollars of dollars no restrictions.

«Taking into account the enormous popularity of Call of Duty, it is reasonable Having access to the franchise games, says the MADE in the official document of the ruling. «On the other hand, it is also reasonable to assume that if the next Call of Duty games became exclusive to the Microsoft ecosystem, the players faithful to the PlayStation brand could simply leave the series, migrating their demand to other games available on their console Favorite ».

Recall that it was following this same conversation when the comments were revealed by Sony and Microsoft to give us the so-summer soap opera, when the first part expressed concern about a possible march from Call of Duty of PlayStation and the second ended up confirming that it would continue to arrive to the consoles of the competition.


However, not being able to know exactly the importance of this particular regulatory body worldwide, it seems clear that there are still several important markets pending to give approval. In addition to Brussels, the United States Federal Trade Commission is also out there (which they hope to publish the provisional resolution for January; the final would arrive on March 1) and the United Kingdom competition and market authority; The latter, according to Seeking Alpha, would make its official decision at the end of November.

The one that recently gave his approval was the General Authority of the Saudi Arab Compete two companies ».