Overwatch 2 has replaced to Overwatch we met in 2016. This sequel has improvements of all kinds, including a new characters balancing . It is something especially important because the game system has changed: now they face 5VS5 players instead of 6Vs6. Blizzard has decided to remove a tank from the equation, which changes the way of playing.

The game structure in Overwatch was a 2-2-2: two tanks, two DPS and two supports or healers. The thing changes in Overwatch 2 with a 1-2-2 : a tank, two DPS and two supports. The responsibility of the absent tank is distributed between the shoulders of the 5 players of the team, especially on the tank.

Next I tell you which are the best characters or heroes of Overwatch 2 within their class and what are the ideals for both veterans and beginners.

Heroes of Overwatch 2

In Overwatch 2 there are three main roles: tank, DPS and support. Its main characteristics are as follows.

Tank *: Hero spearhead. His work is to defend the second and third line of attack (DPS and support respectively). They have a lot of life and resistance and usually carry shields and other ways of blocking enemy attacks. Now that there is only one tank, your work is doubly important in the modes that you need to accompany or defend the advance of a burden.
DPS : Second line of attack or behind enemy ranks. The main function of this role is to harm the enemy and kill while taking advantage of the tank coverage or its extraordinary mobility. They are the most benefited from the absence of the second tank. They usually have a half-low life.
Support/Healer : Second or third line of attack. They are the team healers and their function is to keep the rest alive, so they can fulfill their function. His task has been simplified by having a partner less than healing. Your priority must be healed to the tank and enhance DPS. A leading support is a dead support.

The simplest class to handle in general terms is the DPS, since their unique function is the same as the basic activity of any shooter: shoot and kill . There are exceptions. On the contrary, the tank and support are many more technical roles and based on positioning . A tank should know when to advance and go back and support when and where to heal.

Below you can find the best Overwatch 2 heroes within your class. It is necessary to clarify several points:

  • The selection of heroes is based on a 50/50 of data and personal opinion.
  • The goal can change at any time with new balance sheets or new strategies. Take it into account if you arrive at this guide for a while. Tomato it as something orientation.
  • That a character is not on the list does not mean that he is bad or necessarily inferior in all aspects to those mentioned.

What are the best tanks?

D.VA *: Very useful in any way and situation. One of the most offensive tanks of the cast. This character is special because it has a second opportunity: when the robot is destroyed, you can continue fighting with the character until you can ask for another.
Winston : Its great mobility and ability to cause chaos make this tank the ideal for fast equipment and closed spaces. His is able to harm several enemies at the same time.
Reinhardt : The tank by antonomasia. Perfect when you have to maintain positions or advance with a load. His mobility has been improved in Overwatch 2.
* Oriya : The ideal tank for beginners with D.VA. It is worth almost for any situation and mode. Her skills are slightly more complex, but her weapon and resistance make her ideal for those who want to learn to tangle.

It remains to see how it develops Junker Queen as a new tank. At the moment, players have reported good feedback, and it seems that it is a decent tank. In any case: I recommend D.VA and Oriya for beginners and Reinhardt and Winston For veterans.

What are the best DPS?

Soldier 76 *: The DPS per Antonomasia. Perfect for any situation and ideal for beginners and veterans. You can concentrate all your bullets and missiles on the only tank. Apt to play in second battle line next to the tank.
Genii : The rogue or overwatch ninja. His style is fast and in good hands he can destroy games. His site is behind enemy lines, destroying DPS and support. Nor remotely suitable for beginners.
Shadow : Another Overwatch Picard. If there is a character that better exemplifies the definition of positioning is shadow. His function is to infiltrate the enemy ranks and harm his hackers. Nor remotely suitable for beginners, especially those with an easy trigger. With shade, you have to know very well when to shoot.
* Ashe : This cowgirl is the next step after dominating Overwatch with soldier. She is a character aimed at doing a lot of damage from the second battle line, with the difference that she requires a lot of precision and knowing how to combine her abilities.

If you are a beginner, decant by Soldier 76 . If you can’t take it, then choose Junk rat or Reaper . With the latter you will also learn to position yourself during the games because it is a hybrid between Ashe and shadow: enter, destroy and retire. As for veterans, Genii and Shadow are the ones who do the most during the games.

What are the best support?

Ana *: A character capable of healing and hurting with a sniper. For obvious reasons, the place of this heroine is the third line of combat. She is a healer that can cure and enhance allies and with skills to harm enemies. It is not a bad choice for beginners who have good aim.
Brigitte : This heroine is a reduced version of Reinhardt with skills to cure and shield the allies. She is one of the few supports that can be in the front line without running so much danger thanks to her drop-down shield. I do not recommend it for beginners.
Mercy : The healer by antonomasia. Loved by the majority of the Overwatch community. She can cure, enhance and revive the allies, she has extraordinary mobility and has a gun with which she can damage the enemies. She must be in the third battle line. It is one of the best elections to start as support.
* Kirk : The new Overwatch 2 heroine has arrived strong. She has positioned himself as an incredible healer with DPS capabilities. The mobility of her allows him to be in all the battle lines. She or far she is suitable for beginners. She requires positioning and a lot of precision.

Furthermore, she can win games with media tanks and DPS, but a support she does not meet usually translates into lost games, even against worse teams. If you are a beginner, Mercy and Baptiste are good choices to start. A special mention to Lucio , which is also one of the strongest heroes… as long as he is in expert hands.

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