The world of Focus Focus returns this Friday, in which the public can see the return of the Sanderson sisters. So what actors can expect the spectators returning in the sequel? Well, has the answer for you, since this is all the actors returning in focus focus 2.

All actors returning in Focus Focus 2

While the sequel to Focus Focus takes place in the present, there are some actors who return from the original and repeat their papers.

Bette Miller as Winifred Sanderson

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The award-winning actress and singer Bette Miller returns as the protagonist, Winifred Sanderson, an expert witch in magic, especially when she is accompanied by Book. The singer / actress has won a plethora of prestigious awards, including several Golden Globes, Tony, Emmy and Grammy, a fact that means that she is three quarters of the road to the Got state. Miller has won many followers over the years and is a remarkable LGBTQ+ icon.

Kathy Najib as Mary Sanderson

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Kathy Najib returns as sister Sanderson del Media in Mary Sanderson, a witch that can apparently smell the children and was the worst part of some classic focus focus jokes: Mary riding a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom, for example. Together with the original focus focus, Najib is better known for her work as sister Mary Patrick in both Sister Act. Najib films is also a remarkable activist, where she will often talk about women and LGBT rights, among many others.


Sarah Jessica Parker as Sarah Sanderson

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Sarah Jessica Parker completes the trio that returns from witch sisters, and she returns to play Sarah Sanderson. The character of her is the youngest, and she meets the type of stereotype silly blonde, since she is incredibly bubbly but dumb. She is also known often as the most beautiful and acts as a mermaid. As for Sarah Jessica Parker, she is better known for her work as Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City. However, Sarah Jessica Parker is famous for many other things, including her work in fashion and as a television producer.

Doug Jones like Billy Butcher son

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The last character that returns is Doug Jones, who returns to the role of Billy Butcher son. For those who do not remember, Billy is a misunderstood zombie that was resurrected during the original film by his original murderer, Winifred Sanderson. Doug Jones is incredibly famous for his interpretation of creatures and characters adjacent to humans, and some of his most notable works are for films such as Pan’s Labyrinth, Bellboy, The Shape of Water and Star Trek: Discovery.

That is all you need to know about All actors returning for Focus Focus 2. The film will be released in Disney+ this Friday, September 1. 30. Be sure to consult our additional coverage on the sequel to Focus Focus, including our review, which can be found here.

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