As you travel around the continents in Lost ARK, you will find that in your travels you are taught various musical works. This can be important for everything: from opening secret doors to improving your relationship with non-game characters, both of which can be very profitable. But the further you go through the game, the less obvious these notes become. So where to get the Song of Temption in Lost Ark?

Где найти потерянный ковчег Song of Temptation?

If you are trying to rush through the early continents, you can easily skip some of the most interesting and useful awards related to adventurer folio . Because, although some of these elements can be skipped, others, such as notes, are crucial. If you have slipped through Yulia Thus, that is why you lack this. You will find a song of temptation as a reward for completing 50 percent of the adventure of Audi.

It is quite easy to reach 50 percent in Yulia without much effort, especially if you have passed this level. There are only two areas on the continent, so run and find monsters quickly. At the same time, collecting trips and finishingtwo dungeons both at a light and complex level, you should just cross the line. Moreover, this should also reward you with many collection items, which are also taken into account in this. Also, note that the increase Communication with the thunder * to Trusted will give you an ingredient for ritual food, necessary for making ritual food to cause rain, which is also required for your folio.

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