The fifth north challenging date had great duels where the squads demonstrated their courage to enter the area without fear of anything, after the previous weeks when the teams have given much to talk about their aggressive game style that some have granted some Victoria’s, with a day full of contests we will see if the table moves or remains as it is now.

In the first map we see Bermuda that begins with medium movement strange from the squads to accommodate in better positions on the island but in the distance we see how the USA esports squad stands with the victory. Passing Kalahari the Team Cruelty team seeks to take the lead and get it little by little to sneak into the first position thanks to Kevin’s effort.

The third game is carried out in purgatory The bullets begin to arrive everywhere but the Timbers squad manages to keep calm to control the situation and take the victory in the meeting. In the fourth map we see Alps that has a lot of action in several of the areas of the island but the Zens take things for them managing to take the victory in the meeting.

During the fifth MAP we have Bermuda again with several squads looking for points to be able to sneak into the first places but this time She’s gaming manages to destroy the opponents to get a victory. Ending in Kalahari The squad of cruelty handles things calmly to close the day with the second Booth of the night.

This ends the day with double victory for Team Cruelty that manages to increase some points to upload some positions in the table, however, Los Zens continues to maintain things in their favor with their performance within the games that although they only get a victory the casualties and the positions of the maps give them enough to continue at the tip of the table and considered one of the strongest contestants to take the league.