Valorant has assaulted the games’ industry since its launch in 2020. In two short years, it has quickly become the next great success for those who appreciate a competitive multiplayer experience, appreciated for its unique combination of tactical shots and skills of hero. Even so, we cannot always be playing the same game over and over again, or yes? So, if you are looking for something similar to try, here is a list of 8 games like Valorant.

counter strike global Offensive

Image Source: Valve

The least surprising entrance in our list of games like Valorant is Counter-Strike: Go, the godfather of the genre of tactical shots and the game that obviously served as a model for the Valorant design. Most likely, if you are a Valorant fan, you have already played cs: go or at least you know its similarity to the game, but for those to whom that does not apply, we remind you that cs: Go is undoubtedly the most similar game A Valorant that currently exists.

Certainly, if you are a solid value player, there is no doubt that you can transfer your skills to CS: GO, which presents a very similar shot mechanics and an almost identical general design. The difference is, of course, that there are no skills similar to those of a hero, with only a conventional utility of military inspiration to use, such as flash bangs, fumes, grenades He and Molotov’s. The use of utility is no less important in CS: GO, but there is definitely a stronger approach in the weapons game. In general terms, shoot in CS: GO’s requires a little more precision than in Valorant and is a bit more difficult to dominate.

CS: Go can have more than a decade at this time, but it is still among the most popular games in the world. That, in turn, means that the skill level is high and that the community in general is quite hard, but again, if you have been playing Valorant, you are well-equipped to participate.

Arc iris six: siege

Image Source: Ubisoft

If what you are looking for are Valorant’s tactical and competitive aspects, it is worth considering Rainbow Six: Siege as an alternative. While the weapons game is much heavier to run and shoot / ADS, the movement is slower and more measured than in arcade shooting games such as Call of Duty, which brings it closer to an experience similar to Valorant.

In addition, Siege’s characteristics have the same emphasis on the use of profits as in Valorant; In fact, the game has focused much more on utility in recent years. You will need to learn a variety of different types of operators (Siege’s equivalent to agents) to succeed and how to apply them to different game modes. Speaking of that, there are several game modes, but pumping/deactivating is the most popular and is very similar to Valorant in its general concept.

Siege’s unique feature that distinguishes it from the tastes of valorant and cs: Go is the nature of reduced spaces of its game. As the name suggests, Siege is attacking teams that infiltrate well-defended positions in the hands of their opposition, and there is a complete destructible element in the design of its map that makes every corner and crack a certifiable location. Playing Siege means learning their maps and how to exploit them to create observation opportunities.

Siege and Valorant are not so similar to CS: Go, but it is still the second closest to an experience similar to Valorant in general. There is even a recent cooperative spin-off that was recently launched if you are interested in a EVE version of Siege.


Image Source: Off world Industries

Squad is another excellent alternative to Valorant if you are looking for the same emphasis on the strategic and tactical game, which requires teamwork and communication in high order. Of course, it differs in that it is a military simulation based on objectives with a distinctively realistic aesthetic, but there is much about the central experience that will be familiar with anyone who plays Valorant with a high level.

In fact, we would say that playing Squad would really help with some of the values that make a decent Valorant player, including communication and calls. You simply can’t play Squad as a solo shooter, so if what you are looking for is to work as a team, don’t look anymore.

Again, the real weapons and movement are quite different from those of Valorant, as expected, but we are sure that many Valorant players will enjoy what Squad has to offer.


Image Source: Blizzard Activision

Let’s clarify one thing from the beginning: Overwatch does not really play anything like Valorant. He is a Heroes’ shooter with a high TTK, without penalty precision penalties and constant reparations. It is not a tactical shooting experience, such as almost all other entries in this list.

However, there are one or two Overwatch elements that will be relatives for Valorant players; In particular, hero’s skills, or utility, available for each of the characters in the game, all of which have vibrant personalities and their own distinctive tradition, as is the case of Valorant. As applied to the real game, Valorant players will immediately be at home by selecting different characters according to their strengths and using their skills as planned: DPS characters are similar to duelists, while tanks and healers are similar to controllers and flashing, etc.

Overwatch also demands teamwork and coordination as they work together to promote objectives and reject enemy advances. The phases of the game are divided into long rounds that arise in waves, which feels like a mini wear war in which each player is doing his part to win slowly. The small individual errors are not punished as much as in Valorant, but if you do not have the dynamics of your team in order, they will discover you quickly.

It is definitely worth considering Overwatch as an alternative to Valorant, even if only to understand where some of their inspirations come from. There is a sequel on the way at the end of this year that should make the franchise again the center of attention.

Apex Legends sand mode

Image Source: EA Games

To tell the truth, Apex Legends would not have appeared on this list before the arrival of its sand. Although it presents a hero game that implies utility and maximum skills, as seen in Valorant, Battle Royale games are too far from the round-based model. However, Arena 3V3 mode is a different story, since it offers an intense and competitive FPS experience that implies strategic decision-making and teamwork as in Valorant.

Arena mode games are the best of three rounds, and teams must lead by a margin of two to win the game. Each player selects a legend before the game begins, then, in each round, a purchase menu similar to a Valorant game is presented. The purchase round gives you a certain amount of credits to spend on your favorite weapon and usefulness to configure, and then you will launch into action with the sole objective of eliminating the enemy team.

Of course, Apex Legends weapons game is very different from that of Valorant: it is a running and shooting shooter without movement precision penalties, which means that there is no emphasis on the location of the sights or the backward control as In Valorant. Instead, you must improve your monitoring skills. Neon’s hands will be in heaven!

Split gate (Swat team)

Image source: 1047 games

Ok, we know what you are thinking: how could a sand shooter be like Valorant? It is a fair question and, honestly, Split gate really does not have many similarities with the game, apart from the fact that both are first-person shooting games. In fact, as we mentioned in our propaganda on Apex Legends, we would not have included Split gate if it were not for the existence of a single game mode, in this case, Team Swat.

Very few shooting games have a time to kill (TTK) under these days, attending to more informal audiences when designing games around more freedom of action to receive damage and make mistakes. However, the Swat team emphasizes precision shots; A single headshot is an instant death with any weapon, which brings it much closer to tactical shooters like Valorant.

Yes, you are still flying around the sands and do not suffer any loss of precision to shoot when you move, and you really do not need any type of communication or teamwork to win, but you do need a good aim. If you simply seek to play heads, try the SWAT mode of the Split gate team.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Search and destroy)

Image Source: Activision

And here there is another entrance that probably feels a bit out of place, but listen to us! First, let’s recognize that Call of Duty games do not resemble Valorant; As in the case of running and shooting shooters like Apex Legends and Split gate, the movement and weapons game are so arcade that it will be discordant for those accustomed to tactical shooters such as valorant and cs: Go. The game modes are not similar either, nor is there a great use of profits/skills as part of the experience.

That said, Call of Duty has a search and destruction mode, which is the equivalent of a planting/deactivating Valorant/cs cycle: Go 5V5. It has been a game mode in several COD titles, but we chose to recommend Modern Warfare 2 since it is among the slowest rhythm games of the series. There is much less emphasis on crazy landslides and fast movement speed and much more in precise shots and (more or less) strategic game.

If you are looking for a more arcade value trip experience set in a similar game mode, then this could be an alternative for you.

Rebel company

Image Source: Hi-res Studies

The only third person entry on this list, Rogue Company usually does not feel as Valorant in his game at the moment, but there are some aspects of their general design that Valorant players will appreciate.

It is an experience based on 4V4 rounds in which teams work together to complete objectives and/or eliminate the enemy team. Each ‘rogue’ has a different utility that is useful for specific roles, similar to Valorant agents. There are several game modes, but if you like Valorant, you will be more interested in demolition, which is similar to planting pumps / search and destroy.

Again, since it is in the third person and presents a ‘fall’ mechanic that allows you to revive fallen teammates, it is not the same precise tactical experience of Valorant. Even so, teamwork that requires its round-based objective design, and the level of utility involved in combat will surely attract Valorant players looking for an alternative.

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