Despite his problems, Netflix continues to work on large productions, and this is not only limited to series that are possibly canceled after only one season, but to films of all kinds. In this way, today the complete calendar of film premieres has been revealed **

In an unusual movement, Netflix has revealed the exact launch date of dozens of films, where we find Glass onion: to Knives out mystery, Pinoccho_ by Guillermo del Toro, White noise, Matilda: The musical, and many more . Here the dates:


-Feded in (September 1)

-Love in the Villa (September 1)

-IVY + BEAN (September 2)

-IVY + BEAN: The Ghost That Had to Go (September 2)

-IVY + BEAN: Doomed To Dance (September 2)

-The Anthrax Attacks (September 8)

-End of the Road (September 9)

-Drifting Home (September 16)

-Do Revenge (September 16)

-Lou (September 23)

-A Jazzman’s Blues (September 23)

-Thena (September 23)

-Blonde (September 28)


-Mr. Harrigan’s Phone (October 5)

-Luckiest Girl Alive (October 7)

-The Redeem Team (October 7)

-The Curse of Bridge Hollow (October 14)

-The School for Good and Evil (October 19)

-Descendant (October 21)

-The Good Nurse (October 26)

-Al Quet On The Western Front (October 28)

-Wendell & Wild (October 28)


-Inola Holmes 2 (November 4)

-Falling for Christmas (November 19)

-Is that black covech for you?!? (November 11th)

-Capturing The Killer Nurse (November 11)

-In Her Hands of her (November 16)

-Christmas with you (November 17)

-Slumberland (November 18)

-The Swimmers (November 23)

-The Noel Diary (November 24)

-My Father’s Dragon (November)

-Monica, or My Darling (November)


-Guillermo del Toro’s Pinocchio (December 9)

-The Volcano: Rescue from Whakaari (December 16)

-Bardo, False Chronicle of A Handful of Truths (December 16)

-The Seven Deadly Sins: Grudge of Edinburgh Part 1 (December 20)

-Glass Onion: KNIVES OUT MYSTERY (December 23)

-Orald Dahl’s Matilda The Musical (December 25)

-White Noise (December 30)

-Lay Chatterley’s Lover (December)

-The Wonder (December)

-Scrooge: to Christmas Carol (December)


-The Pale Blue Eye (January 6)

On related issues, these are all Netflix premieres for next September. Similarly, this is what will arrive at HBO Max in September.

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