If you are a fan of the video games with police action, contracts between mobsters and also high doses of thriller, you possibly have actually noticed the mafia saga. Several players have applauded this collection of games both for their premises as well as for its atmosphere, which places us in the make believe city of Lost Heaven throughout the convulsive decade of 1930 in the United States.

Past this surprise, the 20th anniversary of the franchise business has additionally left us with the verification of an instead reported information: Hangar 13 is developing a brand-new mafia game as well as, although they have actually not shared details of the experience as well as ensure that the title * It will require time to see the light *, they have already provided us factors to be conscientious to the information about this mobster world.

When numerous United States cities lived a development of Italo-American mafias, Mafia puts us at a time. Right here, we regulate a simple cab driver who, nearly by commitment, winds up becoming part of a criminal company led by Don Salieri that will certainly lead us to make missions to raise the reputation of our group and damage the rivals that hinder our domain name of the city.

The initial mafia game will certainly be complimentary in Vapor from September 1 to 5 Well, this franchise has currently reached 20 years and also, to celebrate it, from 2K they introduce that the first mafia game can be totally free download In Vapor . It must be noted that this promotion will not last permanently, due to the fact that we can only declare this video game with absolutely no cost of September 1 to 5 , more than adequate time to attach a minute to the Shutoff system as well as expand our collection digital.