Personal developer Lilith Walther reported on August 22 the development of Bloodborne Kart for Bloodborne. He announced the Gascoin Father’s participation and released a game play video.


BLOODBORNE KART is an unofficial secondary racing game of the action RPG Bloodborne of from software. Bloodborne characters such as hunters and NPCs board the vehicle. While driving on motorcycles, etc., it seems that the content is to develop an incandescent race using guns, gimmicks, and items related to Bloodborne.

In the video released this time, a gascoin priest, one of the popular characters, stands as an early boss of BLOODBORNE. The video has begun from the original scene, showing his teeth and groaning. Despite the first PS-style disk, it seems that the canine is reproduced to a large and beautiful teeth. And when the camera pulls, it is clear that the Gascoin Father is a motorcycle like a hunter. While continuing the race, it also shows the appearance of the character’s trademark, a beast. In addition, there are some weapons that seem to be used as a course item and use weapons that seem to be a beast hunting ax or beast hunting short gun. On the other hand, somehow, some of the gascoin priests who activate the secret call to the other side. It may be an ant’s gaming game play.

It is Lilith, an individual developer, works on this work. He has worked on the Bloodborne PSX, an unofficial first PlayStation style of BLOODBORNE. BLOODBORNE KART is also developed with the asset reuse of the same work. The strange idea of Bloodborne Kart, which unfolds a racing world view of BLOODBORNE, was originally as an internet memory among fans. Lilith, who was developing the above-mentioned demake, is partially reproduced as an April Fool’s story. This has developed, and it has been announced in March this year that a playable game of Bloodborne Kart was announced (related article). This time, as part of the sharing of the development progress, the Gascoin Father was revealed.

Lilith’s announcement tweet recorded more than 10,000 share number at the time of writing. We are collecting more than 50,000 likes. The fans are also boiling, and some voices plead for let me play. BLOODBORNE is a work that has been very popular since its release in 2015. The sequel to the sequel is also being told among fans. The popularity of Bloodborne Kart may be aspect of the comfort of the Bloodborne fans who are waiting for the development, even if they are secondary creations.

BLOODBORNE KART will be released for free due to secondary creative works. The platform is expected to be released on a PC ( as Lilith’s past work. The distribution start time is undecided.