In this feeling, gamers can get the sticker ‘ Paratrooper badge (United States) ‘ If they play 3 fights utilizing American or greater American aircraft. An activity time is needed not less than 70% and this choice will certainly be offered only from August 16 to 19

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Yet, Gaijin Entertainment has actually likewise taken advantage of the celebration of this day to present a new helicopter in the video game. We speak about UH-1C , which was extensively made use of throughout the Vietnam Battle for Medevac, search and rescue, along with for freight transportation. The UH-1C has a large choice of suspended tools, consisting of ATGMS and also a launcher for helicopter fights at a brief range.

This is not the initial time that Gaijin Entertainment game commemorates special days, because gamers might currently acquire benefits around the day of cosmon√°utics and also International Women’s Day. If you desire to access these additionals and also delight in all the battle used by this title, remember that you can play complimentary War Thunder in COMPUTER, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and also Xbox Series .

War Thunder is still updated to maintain the attention of his area. Although the title of Gaijin Entertainment has been increasing with the incorporation of brand-new army pressures and novelties that range from airplanes and also to maps, their writers also leave a space for tiny patches that celebrate big days with rewards and also bonus For all gamers.