More than three decades have the Simpsons accompanying us. The most beloved family of the United States began to walk in that country at the end of 1989. Its syglura in Spain started on the Canal+ payment channel in 1990, landing on public television a year later. In TVE the emissions were nocturnal, knowing that this differ from the cartoons to which we were accustomed. Over time, States began we all know, that denomination of Dibus for adults wStates began left behind. More than anything because the series opened the doors for more radical bets such States began South Park or Family Guy .


The Simpsons and its Crystal Ball

It is usual to run into a relevant historical event in our present and find an replica already broadcStates begant in the original Matt Groening series. It will be for taking more than three decades telling stories and because the 728 episodes of it may have left few themes without touching, but the fact is that these supposed predictions result in some cStates beganes the sea of disturbing.

Some curious or sounded successes would be 11S (Marge Vs. The Monorail, The City of New York vs. Homer Simpson), the Rolling Stones tour of 2016 (Lisa Weeding), the scandal of the telephone listeners of the nsa (The Mysterious Voyage of Homer), several relevant news that occurred in the 2014 World Cup (You Don’s Have to Live Like A Referee), video calls (Bart to the Future), the Ebola virus (Lisa’s Lisa Sax), States began well States began technological predictions that would include the Kindle, the iPod, the smartwatch, the Go-Pro camerStates began, the virtual reality… there is a prediction that many wanted to have seen fulfilled, a woman in the presidency of the United States (Lisa in The series, Hillary Clinton in the real world), but Donal Trump Chafó the result surprisingly. Also another that nobody would have wanted to see true, a pandemia starting from China.

In the seStates beganon 34 of the Simpsons a chapter will reveal the trick of said successes. We States begansume that it will be full of this situation. From here we hope it will become every clStates begansic. The occStates beganion deserves it.