Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbrake A puppet-based study quest added in the first free title update. This quest, which becomes more difficult as the quest level rises, seems to be surprisingly easy.

In the first free title update of Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak (hereinafter, Samburake), a puppet-based study quest has been added as a new content in addition to four new monsters such as Nargakuruga species. After this quest can be ordered, a puppet-based study quest will be obtained due to the destruction of the puppy monster. Each puppet study quest has a level, and by clearing, the quest recipient can obtain a higher-level puppet strategy quest for the same subjugation.

The upper limit of the obtained quest level depends on the puppy research level. The puppy research level rises by accumulating a certain amount of puppet survey points. Publishing points can be obtained by destroying the parts in the puppet study quest, clearing quests, or achieving research requests from Bahari. If the puppy research level is 81 or more, you will be able to challenge EX ☆ 5 puppet quest ****.

*Publish quest …… A different kind of quest from the puppet study quest. Classified by the difficulty level of EX ☆ 1 to 5 depending on the subjugation target. Like the normal quest, conditions such as the time limit are fixed.

In the Publishing Quest, the higher the level of the quest, the better the reward, while the pupil monster that appears will be strengthened. At present, the quest level is 100. In the level 100 quest, monsters with the highest strength of this work appear… I wonder if it is not so. A Twitter user has been verifying and being talked about.

He conducted a verification in the EX ☆ 5 puppet quests and the level 100 puppet strategy quest of the normal difficulty and high difficulty****. It is said that it compared the damage amount of Tigalex’s roaring attack. And it seems that the largest damage was the EX ☆ 5 puppet quest. According to him, in the EX ☆ 5 puppet quests and the level 100 puppet strategy of the normal difficulty, the monster’s physical strength is about the same. To put it simply, the puppet monster that appears in the EX ☆ 5 puppet quests is stronger than the maximum level of puppet strategy quests.

****Quest with special conditions such as time limit and failure conditions

By the way, according to a person, the highly difficult level 100 puppet strategy quest has a time limit, etc., so the monster’s physical strength is set low. Although there are restrictions, if you can fight smoothly, it seems to be the easiest quest to capture the above three. By the way, items such as spirit amber and study coins can be obtained as rewards in the puppet study quest. The merit of clearing and clearing is greater than EX ☆ 5 puppet quests.

On the other hand, according to a person, only the EX ☆ 5 puppy monsters apply to this verification result. It is said that the applicable monster at the puppet study quest level 100 is set higher in physical strength and attack power than the EX ☆ 3 and EX ☆ 4 puppet quests.

The system that increases the quest level will increase the subjugation target, reminiscent of a guild quest in Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Hunter 4G. In the guild quest, the largest attack power and physical strength are set for monsters that surpass the strength of the normal quest during the work. Depending on the monster, it was set up to the mad dragon, which is enhanced. For users who were expecting the same difficulty adjustment in the puppet study quest in Sambreak, the results of this time may be surprising. In fact, there were voices saying that the monster of the level 100 puppet struggle quest was weaker than expected, and many users seemed to be convinced after seeing his verification results.

A certain verification result of a fixed quest is more difficult than quests that have struggled and raised the level. For players, it can be said that lapping play is an easy design, but some say that it is a bit lonely. On the other hand, it has been announced that the upper limit of the puppet study quest will be updated in future title updates. Eventually, the puppet-striking quest raised beyond 100, which is the largest level, may come to the day when you can confront the strongest monster.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sun Break The first free title update is being distributed to the Nintendo Switch/PC (Steam) version. The second free title update will be distributed at the end of September.