Casual fighting of heavy monsters

What would happen if there was a huge monster than the 63 building, or in the city center, hitting each other and fighting each other?
If you often watch monster movies, you can easily think of the city that has become a wormwood field.
If you assume that you are standing in the middle of the overwhelming destruction, your motivation will be broken.
In Gigabashh, we will be one of the striking monsters, not human beings.

Game Name : Gigabash (Gigabash)
Genre Name : Action
release date : 2022.08.05
Review : 1.0.0|
Developer : Fashion Referring Games
Service : Fashion Referring Games

Platform : PC, ps, xbox, switch
Play : PC


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Congratulations of attractive monsters

The work of monsters is one of the topics that appear in movies and games. The overwhelming feelings of monsters, and the destruction that occurs every time you move a heavy body have the charm of boiling blood.

Thus, most of the monster works appear to be the monster as absolute evil, and the player stands on the side of humanity or justice and turns down the villain of monsters. The game, which has been out of this fixed role, is a monster game that features monsters such as King of the Monsters series and Rampage series. The way the player is a monster with overwhelming force and makes the city a wormwood field gives a sense of destructive fulfillment from the impact that can be felt in general action games.

Giga Bash is a big game that is similar to the classic game ‘King of the Monsters’. In addition to the keywords of the monsters of the monsters, there are quite a few similarities in the viewpoint and combat methods of the game. In other words, if you are an old gamer who enjoyed the classic game, Gigabash is also fun.

The important thing to see in this monster game is how attractive the monster is, and the heavy battle that takes advantage of the characteristics of the monster is drawn. Think about how much it would be if the monsters that were bigger than the building were like a fight.

First of all, eight kinds of monsters and two heroes appear in the game, and two kinds of monsters are locked at first, but they can proceed with the story or repeatedly unlock certain behaviors. The monsters are characterized by being very unique. If you meet on the streets, such as lava monsters or alien Phi Phi Zuras, there is a force that seems to have to go down and pass quietly.

On the other hand, the characteristics of the monsters were made well, and at the same time, the player’s rejection of the monster directly manipulated these monsters. Some monsters and heroes feel like they have seen them somewhere, and they seem to have been a famous monster, but I think they expressed their charms in each monster as a whole.

The charm of the monsters can be deeper in story mode. The story mode can see what purpose it has with the origin of the monsters, and deals with the different side of the monster that always appeared as a villain. Of course, there is also a monster from the absolute villain. Originally, it was a hero to try to knock down the monster. In particular, the quality of the narrative of the monster and the direction of the cartoon method contained in the story was better than I thought, so I could understand the story intuitively and gave a high immersion.

Meanwhile, the story mode not only delivered the story but also the tastes of competition with other users. The story mode can be played by selecting the desired difficulty of a total of four levels of difficulty, and some sections were quite difficult in the balance difficulty that can be seen as difficulty. Even if you are familiar with 3D large-scale games, there are various variables in the game, so you can feel different from the online mode.

In addition, the Earth’s end difficulty, which is held by clearing the extreme difficulty once, was difficult to play the game, and the level of artificial intelligence was also high. But it’s really ridiculous, so it may seem a bit unreasonable.

Battle of destructive monsters

When you see the beasts fighting in the movie, they roll their body and smash the building and throw them into threw them very radical but hot. The battle in Gigabash is no different. In the screen of the 3D side view, the player can run to the other party to punch or tear the building from afar, and whenever he moves, he realized that the surrounding buildings are broken and split.

For example, if a battle takes place in the urban area, you can see the citizens running away from the monster, and various tanks are flew to kill the monster. At this time, the player can tear the building and throw it to the enemy, or hold the tank and forcibly fire a gun. If a strong attack is successful, the enemy may fly away, and the direction of the building in the flying track is also one of the great sights.

Battle has basic attacks, special attacks, jumps and catching, blocking, dashes, etc., and can be used to hold a specific key or combine two or more keys. The operation method is intuitive, so even if it’s the first monster, you can easily manipulate it, but if you dig into it, you have to use a variety of technologies to attack the combo attack or to cope with the situation.

The attack method that takes advantage of the external characteristics of the monster adds strength to the charm of the monster. In particular, not all monsters had similar attack methods, but each had a unique attack method, so it was fun to deal with and when I played myself. For example, Suntross, Zaiba, and Phi Phi Juras have a long-range check-up technology, which is an attacking method of lightning in the sky, and Phi Phi Zuras and Zyba are firing a projectile, but one shot or not. The personality was added by differentiated hitting methods such as back.

In addition, each technology is not only a personality, but also has a good composition in terms of balance. The distance check technology was slow, so it was easy to avoid if the distance was enough, and the monster without ranged technology gave a quick dash technology to create a melee composition instantly. Most of the attacks can be prevented or avoided, and super armor, etc. are applied so that each technology can hit the opponent first, so in the 1: 1 composition, it was necessary to read and fight the opponent’s number.

When you fight with the enemy, you may feel that the pattern of fighting flows similarly. It is a series of continuation of attacking, counterattacking, and throwing surrounding objects. It’s a game where a bright color is fighting by calling a monster, but if it’s not much different from a typical fighting game? In order to break this trend, there is a differentiated combat system in the game, such as a special movement and a transformation of S-Class.

The killing is literally a powerful situation with a strong one-time technology. Whenever you hit the enemy, you can trigger the special kill by pressing a special key when the special gauge gauges are filled. During the use of special moves, it could be invincible and very powerful damage, so it was used for emergency escape depending on the situation. Each monster has an original killing, and the directing is quite cool, so it was a technology that felt really a special move.

S-Class is a kind of awakening technology. Whenever you hit an enemy or destroy the surrounding environment, the S-Class gauge is filled. Compared to before and after awakening, it is almost three times the size, and as the overall stats are not simply huge, the overall stats are increasing and the size is growing, the attack range and length are also very advantageous.

In particular, if the attack power becomes ridiculously powerful, and if you hit the enemy well, it can be made as a star in that sky. The transformation of S-Class is also pretty cool and can be blown every time I hit it, so it gives me a hot feeling as if I became an overwhelming monster.

Of course, even if you are transformed, you may be damaged by the enemy and you can die, so you don’t feel like an invincible cheat key. In addition, if you hit the opponent transformed into a S-Class, you can spit on a purple sphere.


Giga Bash is a game with a lot of fun if you are a gamer who usually likes monsters. There is a system that cannot be felt in existing large-scale games such as map design, hitting system, special skills and awakening, which are well-made of monster warfare. The lack of these games recently is one of the factors that enhance the rare of the game. There are quite a lot of content that can be collected in the game, and the more monster level up, the more cool costumes can be used.

However, it was too considered to be the difficulty of the battle of the game. For example, the efficiency of the blockage was much higher, so it was advantageous to defend and counter the other person’s attack rather than attacking first, and because the technology to cope with the guard had to stick closer than you thought, it was easy to catch the enemy from the point of view. Could.

In addition, the delay between the attack and the attack is quite long and there is nothing to run because it was intended to reflect the characteristics of the monster with a heavy body. Of course, if the attack motion continues without any delay, it can be a problem, so I think there are each advantages and disadvantages.

The most unfortunate thing is that the matching is not well matched based on the PC platform. Gigabash is PC and Switch, PS,